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Monday, September 23, 2013

there's a common theme between Mondays and Potty Training...

Mondays are hard enough. 

A Monday after working the weekend on a 7 day work day stretch, a little tougher

Knowing there's a 4 day weekend waiting for me at the end of that stretch - PHENOMENAL!

Using the 4 day weekend to potty train a certain two year old little boy?... Eek. 

Honestly though, I'm a little excited. Having lots of one-on-one time with this love of mine is just what this working momma needs right now. Getting him out of diapers at the same time...

Could any career success even come CLOSE to matching that high?!

Somehow, this potty training adventure took me by surprise. I was waiting for some magical sign that this little dude was "ready" to train. I figured around 2 1/2 - 3 we'd start working on it. This momma was in nooooo hurry. 

But then I stumbled on the "3 day method" and while there's lots of e-books out there they all pretty much have the same premise: stay at home for 3 days with either a completely naked from the waist down child or have them wear only underwear, then let the fun start rolling as they learn, through messes, "when" to know to GO. Most methods also say the older they are, the tougher the case may be, so I decided to strike while the iron was hot... and before winter hit and my naked boy was potty training in chilly temperatures ;)

Sounds like a blast, eh? I'm hoping we have a quick learner on our hands and I'm cautiously optimistic. We shall see!


We've had a few instances lately where he would rather run sans diaper around the house and has done so without any accidents. I'm hoping this means he dislikes the diaper and will LOOOOVVVE the very awesome "Thomas" and "Cars" briefs that I bought to plan to bribe him with... 

Bribes, after all, have a decent track record with kids and this boy is allll about him some Thomas the Tank Engine. 

Any advice for this new adventure before we start on Friday? I'd love to hear it all! I most definitely will be updating on our success/failures next week. Hopefully more success to report than failure - fingers crossed!



  1. I swear by the 3 day method. I have successfully trained 3 kids so far using it within 3 days. Boys are easier because u hear when they start to pee. Take his little potty in every room so it is easy to rush him to it. have your carpet cleaner ready. Also if you are teaching him to sit and pee try to teach him to hold his pee pee down or pee will go flying everywhere.

  2. I have not tried the 3 day method but it sounds great! I have been letting Bryar use the potty for sometime now, and not pushing potty training since he is not 2 yet. But he has started telling me when he needs to go. Even though he can control his muscle, I am still fretting over it! Good luck!

  3. i can't wait to hear how this goes. We haven't started training with Elyse yet, she'll be in 2 in December...but I'm definitely considering the 3 day method! Quick & fast would be a fantastic way to do it!

  4. We used the 3 day method when my oldest daughter was 26 months old. I plan to do the same for my youngest daughter over Christmas break (I am a teacher) when she will be the same age. Those 3 days (plus about a week) were AWFUL. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of kid chasing and pee cleaning. It didn't help that I was 6 months pregnant! However, once you break through the first day or two and they "get it" it becomes much easier. He will do great and you will be glad you did it all at one time and can move forward!! Be sure and update with results!

  5. I tried with my son when he was 2 1/2, but he wasn't interested at all. We didn't really start until after he was 3. My best advise, skip pull-ups. They are just like diapers and a total waste. Let him hang out in the undies, and if he has accidents, he'll be uncomfortable in the wet or poop filled underwear. My son is almost 4 1/2 and he wears diapers only at night time because he still has some accidents, but when the diaper box is empty, we plan on not getting any more and just having him in underwear for all naps and night time.

  6. It works!!!! Don't give up! Sometimes it's the evening of the 3rd day before u start to see it working! Keep us posted! I am about to take 3 days and help my DIL do it with her twin boys!,

  7. We did the 3 day method and it was great! Once he seemed to get the hang of it we bought him a potty watch (sold at babies r us, Amazon, buybuy baby) just to help him remember and he loved it! No matter how messy and crazy it gets just stick to it!


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