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Thursday, June 20, 2013

random thoughts, a.k.a. sharing my attention deficit with you

I'm so happy to report that our big baby shower weekend went smooth as silk! I'll be posting pictures of our bright, cheery day of baby girl celebrating soon.

The baby shower was back in my hometown of Prestonsburg, which means we stayed the weekend with my parents. This boy ate up all the attention from the tons of friends and family, almost as much as he ate up this entire apple ;)

You might have seen this pic already on my Instagram, I just can't help but share it again. I love that little blonde boy!

Baby shower sneak peak anyone?

We actually grew grass, GRASS(!), in flower pots for each and every one of the centerpieces and to decorate the food tables. I was in love with the way it turned out!

Anybody try Jamberry nails yet? I decided to give it a go with my thin, splitting nails driving me crazy and nail polish chipping constantly. I'm diggin my colorful Chevrons today on my hot swollen sausage hands.

Not sure how "professional" they are for the pharmacy...

Did I ever mention this girl became an official brace-face a few months ago?

Brackets on the bottom, invisalign on top, both for different reasons.

I'm finally embracing them after a scary, painful {somewhat hilarious} period of time:

Last but not least, I missed the chance to wish my two favorite dad's a very happy Father's Day on the blog.

I don't care to ever think of what my life would be without these two men. They are both gentle, kind spirits who have looked over my many short comings and treated me like a princess when I am far from it.

Houston is one VERY lucky little boy to have TWO awesome grandpas and an absolutely PHENOMENAL father in his life.





  1. I absolutely love the braces (but that's also cause I'm an Orthodontic assistant lol)!! Make sure you brush and floss well! =P

  2. Did you ever see the TV show Braceface? :)

  3. Such cute pictures...I can't get enough of my toddler boy right now!

  4. Love those centerpieces!!!
    Hope your time in braces is quick. I wore them for a year when I was 17-18 and I was thrilled the day I got them off!


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