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Saturday, August 04, 2012

a lifetime supply of roses


That’s what my brother-in-law has given my sister since they first started dating.

Did he know way back when what he started would one day turn into?


How he explains it: “Honestly I have tried other gifts: jewelry, spa treatments, vacations, but ever since I gave her a single rose each month during the first year we dated until it culminated with a dozen white roses, since then it's kind of been our thing. If it works, don't try to fix it.”

I must agree!



Today, on their 11th wedding anniversary, what else but ELEVEN dozen gorgeous hot pink roses:

That’s a LARGE dining room table almost completely dwarfed by the biggest bouquet you’ve ever laid eyes on!



Then there’s last year’s roses – on their 10th wedding anniversary, he actually pulled off 14 dozen roses for each year they’ve been together instead of just the wedded years… man had to get crafty and pull out a frickin’ frackin’ BUCKET to display them in. Ha!



And my sister – she’s the “dry and keep every rose petal” kind of a girl. Her displays in GIANT lanterns,vases, and glassware are gorgeous and obviously, getting out of hand at this point ;)

Just how does one even BEGIN to dry 14 dozen rose petals – lay them out on a queen size bed of course!



In the McFaddin family, roses aren’t only for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, David “Crafty” McFaddin always has something up his sleeve for every occasion.



Most of us are thrilled to get a dozen roses, which are usually gorgeous but at this point in the post, are looking a bit sad and lonely…



Her 31st birthday morning… cinnamon rolls, stuffed Malamute puppies just like their own dogs – each holding a rose, and then add just a few hundred more roses and petals to top it off. No biggie ;)



I love these two SO MUCH and am so happy that THEY ARE SO HAPPY together this many years later. David swept her off her feet 15 years ago AND became the big brother I never had.



Happy anniversary, Melissa and David!!

Our Wedding 351







  1. Thanks so much for this tribute to a very special couple. Just wished you had pics of all the containers filled with dry petals. Next time over at her house you need to take some.
    Happy Anniversary and hope everything always comes up smelling like roses for those two.

  2. Wow! As I type this, my husband is cooking me breakfast for my birthday. I thought that was sooo sweet.....but now......roses sure would be nice! Your sister is very lucky!!!

  3. Okay, this is so cute. I am obsessed with your brother-in-law! (NOT in the weird, inappropriate, stalker-ish way, but more in the hey, can he call my husband and give him a few tips? kind of way.)

  4. What a darling blog LOVE! So happy I found it :) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a nice story! I never get roses ;( Today is my parent's 56th wedding anniversary....and they were married in 1956. I love number coincidences! Happy Saturday!

  6. This is so so adorable! Flowers are really the best!


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