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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

baby snow angel


It’s hard to believe how quickly and drastically Kentucky weather can change. On Friday, March 1st, we had 70 degree weather, thunderstorms and tornados touching down all over the state. Just a couple days later, I looked out our window late Sunday night to see the largest snow flakes pouring down. By Monday morning, we had about 4 inches of snowfall and I finally got to introduce Houston to his first real snow of the year… in March.


I think even Hendrix had forgotten just what snow actually was :)



I ♥ my sweet snow baby.





Precious, precious boy.



Next year, my little angel should be able to make his own snow angels!





This was about the time Houston called it a wrap on the photo shoot ;)



Just two days later, we had gorgeous spring weather back in the 60’s and 70’s.

They always say…”If you don’t like Kentucky weather, stick around 5 minutes… it’ll change!”


Don’t you doubt for one moment that this momma didn’t take advantage of that gorgeous weather with another photo shoot entirely of my little bear!

Pictures to come =)

I love my little model♥





  1. Such a sweetie!! I just did a post just like this about the snow and the crazy KY weather. My guy has the same blue suit on and is sitting in a Bumbo. Funny. Can't wait to see your spring pics.

  2. He is tooo cute! And you are such a cute Mommy :) I love reading your writing about your little man.

  3. You had more snow that us and I live in Michigan-so crazy! You baby boy is such a cutie!


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