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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I feel better now :)


I’ve had so much on my mind, I decided to do a little post to get it all out there.

It’s going to be long, it’s going to be random, and it may make you feel a little disoriented if you happen to read through it all, but I sure do feel better.

Perhaps bullets will make it less chaotic?



  • This post’s title has dual meaning. I’m literally feeling better these days in more ways than just a nice head clearing, blog brain dump. I’ve had a cold for nearly two weeks and it was a killer. Some of the worst of it hit while Nick was out of town for 3 days. Playing single mommy and full-time pharmer while feeling achey breaky sick was one of my biggest challenges to date. We survived, but sadly I’m the reason baby boy now has congestion and a runny nose :( He doesn’t seem to feel bad though, just blowing a few disgusting and somewhat cute snot bubbles from time to time ;)


  • Houston’s been eating solids since about 4 1/2 months, but only baby oatmeal till about a week ago. We’re now venturing into making our own baby food - I never knew it would be so easy! I love this little gadget = worth.every.penny.



  • A couple weeks ago, I found Houston’s bottom left canine had popped through his gums. It’s rare for canines to come first, but it does happen. I read up on it and came believe he was on his way to getting all 4 canines before any other teeth – he already had the pale skin and heard vampires were all the rage right now, so why not?  Saturday, I was startled to find both center bottom teeth cut through when he chopped down on my finger. I guess we’re Team Jacob after all?


  • Momma’s hair went a little darker recently. While I look like a strange Vanna White wannabe in this picture and my hair has gone flat from the rain, you can at least see what I’m talking about and a small inkling of how much our boy loves the dog… and how little the dog cares about him.



  • Why do some of the BEST pictures have to be blurry? :(


Still, I love my blurry boys♥


  • Speaking of teeth, our situation as of late brings new meaning to the saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Except in our case, it’s not a hand… have I shared too much?


  • …and speaking of nursing the babe, I can not believe we’re about to ring in 6 months of breastfeeding! {or that my baby boy is about to be 6 months old?!?!?} Breastfeeding has been quite the amazing  journey - from overcoming the hurdles that came in the beginning, to learning a new way of life that involves altering the way I dress, eat, drink, and think and of course, life with my most stylish accessory… the breast pump. But nursing and pumping deserve a whole post {or two!} all to themselves. I am so astonished we’ve made it this far with no end in sight just yet. It has truly become second nature and unbelievably rewarding - I am beyond thankful I stuck with it!


My almost 6 month old looking more like a little boy than a baby every day:



  • Every time I hit “Publish” on a blog post, I feel so accomplished. Still, it’s so hard for me to prioritize blogging into my daily life. Just though I’d throw this one out there at ya.


  • For Valentine’s Day, Houston decided to get his craft on with a little acrylic paint and some modge podge. He made a couple for his grandparents, but the one for his daddy I love the most. What a sweet, thoughtful child ;)

IMG_9804 - Copy


for that silly baby-daddy that found his way into the the first photo =)



  • I am loving my new job. LOVING IT. It still comes with it’s own frustration and stress as any job does, but the perks of my new schedule trump it all. That and I no longer work with the devil incarnate. True story.


  • Finally, my aunt, Sandy, says this will be Houston at Easter:


Seriously? I would never put Houston in a pink bunny suit…





  1. Adorbs - look at those sweet lil feet!!! I work at a pharmacy too....."frustration" is a good term to use. lol. You should youtube "so you need a prior authorization" if you haven't already. It will make your day ;-) love your blog btw!!!!

  2. Hahhaa, this post cracked me up- hilarious! Glad you're feeling better!

    He is precious!!

  3. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Nursing babies is something that, if you can do it, brings so much benefit to everyone. Good for you. You should feel proud and happy.

  4. Lemme tell yah, the first year that I had with my daughter def. impacted my blogging in all sorts of ways. I feel like I still haven't fallen back to the groove I had before she came but, I too feel it's a big accomplishment whenever I publish:). Congrats on having a thriving 6 month old and a successful 6 months of nursing! Cute pictures!

  5. ohmigosh i love the beaba. i am trying to find a good food processor that does that same things the beaba does, because i need something bigger - i've been using the Deceptively Delicious cookbooks a lot and they incorporate purees.

  6. I don't think your little man could be any seeing him change in your posts!

  7. You look like you're doing such a great job on all fronts!! Keep up the good work! And your sweet little boy gets cuter every day! : )

  8. PRESH. US! Seriously, Houston is so SO cute! Congrats on the nursing accomplishment too. We're still going strong at 9 months (though I finally had to start supplementing a bottle of formula at the babysitters). And yay for the baby food making! It's so fun! I always spent a couple of hours once a month making food for the rest of the month. Now, though, my son is really hatin' on the pureed foods. Finger foods it is, I suppose and I'm trying to figure out how to get all those yummy veggies and purees I made into him by way of finger foods! Also... can't wait for the rest of the birth story! But, take your time... I understand! :)

  9. Congrats on sticking with breastfeeding for 6 months! I know it's got to be hard work in the beginning. I'm planning to do it as long as I can and have been reading up on the subject. A ton of women give up so soon so kudos to you for hanging in there! Your baby (in my opinion) will be better off because of it :)

  10. That picture of him in the backwards cap is SO cute! He looks like a little toddler =)

  11. i just said the SAME thing the other day about not biting the hand that feeds you. My 7.5 month old thinks it's really funny to bite me while nursing and nothing could possibly hurt more. I, too, never thought I'd make it this far nursing and feel the same way! Although, this new biting thing may have our days numbered. Such sweet pics of your lil guy!

  12. I feel the same way about breastfeeding. I NEVER thought I would make it this far. Almost 6 months here too! Yaya US!! I can't wait to hear about the solid adventure. We are getting ready to try it.

  13. So glad to hear things are going so well! Houston is such a cutie! :)

  14. congrats on 6 months!!!! such a huge accomplishment! :)

    Oh the biting not fun. my son did two spurts of that and it about drove me to the point of insanity but we survived :)

  15. He is such a cutie, and you are too funny. PLEASE make Houston wear a pink bunny suit. Ha!

  16. I can relate to the, uh, biting.
    I laughed out loud at the bunny picture. My daughter wore that same costume when she was 1!


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