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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 weeks of lessons learned


Look what sweet boy turned 2 weeks old on Monday!



On his 2 week birthday, Houston finally lost his umbilical cord stump {YAY for taking a real bath and NO screaming during bath time!} and at the amazement {and slight horror} of his mother, little guy rolled over to his stomach… is that unreal or what?!

Bad mommy forgot to take an official 1 week picture, but I’m hoping I can get my act together and continue to take them next to Peter Rabbit {from his “first” Easter basket} from here on out so we can compare his growth.




I’ve been very surprised at how good our adorable guy has been to us for the first 2 weeks of his life. If you added up the total time he cries in a day, it wouldn’t top 20 minutes! Momma’s been getting fairly decent sleep during the night since I moved him out of the bassinet and into the bed {never planned to co-sleep, but whatever works goes now!} He’s been making the best funny faces when he’s awake, mostly due to the work of making a dirty diaper, but the laugh out loud facial expressions are worth the innumerable diaper changes. He’s the sweetest, most precious baby that we could ask for and I know no one in this world will ever love him the way I do! {Sorry daddy – that even includes you!!}


His 2 weeks stats from the pediatrician:

Height: 20 3/4 in (75th percentile)

Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz  (25-50 percentile)

Head: 15 1/4 in (98 percentile)

It’s official in time for fall: we have our very own pumpkin head!!


Speaking of growth… I have such mixed emotions on the topic. While I look forward to each “next stage” and just how fun he’s going to be, I can’t stand to think of losing my itsy bitsy boy. Everyone means so well when they keep telling me to “soak it all in, they grow up so fast”, but I cringe every time I hear it. Stop reminding me he’s going to grow up and leave me – my mommy heart can’t take it!!!! =)


{First bath at home!}



After only 2 weeks of parenthood, we’ve learned a few things that have made our lives a little easier and that I would be remiss if I didn’t share them with you…



#1.) As soon as we assume – we’re wrong.

For example:

  • Just because he’s been eating every 3 hours for the past 8 days, assume it will be 3 hours again and decide that’s enough time to get a certain something done and *poof*, he’ll be hungry again in an hour.


  • Talk to people at church about how you’ve “fixed” the problem of him peeing through every diaper and *poof*, you will turn around to him screaming in his car seat and pick him up to realize his clothes are wet with pee.


  • As mentioned before, leave him snoozing on the couch for one minute assuming he’ll stay put like always while you run into the kitchen and *poof*, he’ll roll over and you’ll thank God and his angels when you find that he at least didn’t roll off the couch.




#2.) If you need parenting advice, ask Facebook.

I just mentioned that we had changed his clothes 6 times in about 12 hours because our little dude was peeing through everything, {nerve racking when he screams through most clothing changes and they were constant through the night}, and the advice friends gave me surprised me. While I heard “make sure it’s pointed down” which I was already doing, I also heard to try a size up in diapers.


Going up a size to contain the pee? How does that even make sense? I would think it would be too loose and defeat the purpose… but my assumptions were wrong again. We moved him out of the newborn diapers {even though he’s yet to reach 8 pounds} and into size 1… works 90% of the time!




Hopefully when Wyatt gets here, he won’t have the same problem since I passed our newborn diapers onto Britney.



If Wyatt does end up in the same situation, I know that at least Brit’s first born will make good use out of them like she did on this day with “Poo-buh”…



Cutest girl in the whole world and best soon-to-be big sister too!!



Finally, my biggest learning curve:

#3) Breastfeeding {for me, personally} has been beyond difficult.

I share this hoping I don’t scare anyone away from making the decision to breastfeed, but for the first time ever, I am fishing for encouragement!!!

My tiniest lady parts feel like they’re about to shrivel up and fall off. The pain sometimes shoots through to my shoulder pains. The engorgement is beyond frustrating when I’m so full he can’t even latch on to help me out and we’re both left in tears.

I can handle the loneliness I sometimes feel as the sole feeder of the babe. I can handle the crazy scheduling difficulties of trying to plan outings and visits from friends around when the babe will need me. But the pain – it is near unbearable. I have good days and bad, but the bad feel like 2 tiny torches burning inside my bra.


Comments people… commiserate if you can… tell me it will get better… or even tell me you finally made the decision to switch to formula so I can feel less alone if I decide to throw in the towel.

The only thing keeping me in the game now is his benefit. I’ve been a quitter so many times in my life, mostly only letting myself down. But now I’m in it for someone much more important than myself. While I use to encourage myself with the bonuses of thinking of how much money we can save by not buying formula or the calories I’m burning without having to workout =) those reasons no longer mean squat to me.

Hearing the pediatrician tell us he’s gained over an ounce a day for the past 2 weeks gave me the boost I needed. If he had told me otherwise, I probably would have picked up some formula on the way home today and said to heck with it all.


Only the health of this precious little guy is worth it to me now:




Long post.

Can you tell Mimmie and Poppy {my parents} are here to visit and I finally found time to sit in front on this computer???

Just the break I needed!

Now if only one of them could lactate… =)


  1. Breastfeeding is hard. I made the switch to formula when my son was about 2 weeks old, and have never looked back. It was the best thing for our family. I could get out alone, daddy could feed the baby, etc.

    Diapers- they're crap ( pardon the pun ) at sizing. NEVER look at the weights suggested. It all depends on the shape of your baby. My son is average size, but has a TINY little bum, and in a pinch can still get into a size 3, and he's 2!!

    Houston is beautiful, and it sounds like you're settling into mommy-hood just fine. Congrats!

  2. What a gorgeous man you have, and I promise not to tell you to soak it all in ;) I'm not a mother so I have no real life experience and advice to give, but hang in there, and do whatever you feel works for you both - happy mom=happy baby, so you both need to get enjoyment and fulfillment out of the experience. Either way, you are one fantastic momma, so don't worry about what ends up happening. How is that for parenting advice from a non-parent? Sorry love, just thinking of you and hope things get better!

  3. He's nothing short of A-MAZING! Congrats again!

  4. Congrats on making it to week 2! I have a 7 week old who was born 9 weeks early so I understand your frustration on breastfeeding. I have been pumping since day 1 and trying to add in breastfeeding but I get frustrated as I don't know how much my little guy is getting from me and like you said, it's a tough job. The movies and TV make it look easy! I'm giving breastfeeding a few more weeks of trial and if he still doesn't ake to it, I will pump going forward. Have you thought of pumping so e gets your milk but you ave less pain? Hang in there and know what great things you are doing for your son!

  5. Just remember you need to do what's best for your family! I would tell you to stick with the breastfeeding... I PROMISE it gets so much easier and for me by 4 weeks we had a schedule down pat and I was no longer sore or hurting. If you decide to give up though, don't be hard on yourself, you are still a great Mommy either way!

    Houston is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  6. Congrats! I'm not a Mom but all my friends who are swore by prescription all purpose nipple cream...your doctor can call it in for you. That and Soothies, I always toss a box into my "Visiting a New Mama Friend" bag and they'v thanked me for it after.

  7. Oh bless your sweet heart! First, Houston is A-freaking-dorable so congrats on that! Second...BFing is HARD. But it's oh so rewarding if you decide to stick with it through the pain (and if not I totally WON'T judge AT ALL b/c did I mention it's HARD). It took me a little over 3 weeks to get past the pain. I will say that for me, Lanolin was my saving grace. I used it more in those 3 weeks than I ever thought possible. Also, have you tried pumping & bottle-feeding yet every once in a while just to give yourself a little bit of relief? I know a lot of LCs recommend not doing so until 6 wks b/c of nipple confusion, but we had to do it with Abby around 3 wks b/c my milk took FOREVER to come in and she never had a problem.

  8. He is so adorable. I love your post. They are so true. My friend told me as she had a boy. Enjoying your parenthood x

  9. First off, he is beyond precious. And you are right, it's hard to see your itsy little baby grow up... and even worse when people constantly remind you of this. It's like, hello, yes we know, LEAVE ME ALONE! Just like you said.

    Second, glad you have contained the pee pee.... hehe... sometimes facebook is good for certain things. Including advice.

    As well as blogger.

    So lastly, breastfeeding. I feel your pain. I remember (almost) how bad it hurt... but quickly forgotten. It does get better (I think).... it took about 2-3 weeks for me... and literally one day woke up and the pain was just POOF gone. Now, I can't promise the same will happen to you... as all breastfeeding experiences are different... but the only piece advice I can give you... is my friend (who has a 3 week baby) has had similar problems with the pain and the latch... and she started using breast shields... and she said it has made a huge difference!!

    Continue keeping us updated... i LOVE it! and the pictures help too :)

  10. Breastfeeding IS painful. I think that it was more painful than childbirth! BUT...after the third week, it starts to get better:) I used the "miracle nipple cream", which was compounded in my pharmacy. I am not sure what was in that stuff, but it WORKED! My cracked, bleeding nipples healed in no time. Also, that awful, burning pain that happens when your milk "lets down" fades to a dull tingle. If you can get through the first month, you'll be golden. I PROMISE:) I nursed my daughter for 14 months:)

  11. I don't have a blog but I follow your blog and some other mommies. Maybe one day I will feel I have enough time to do one. You and your family are beautiful Praise God and his blessings. My husband and myself have 5 month old twin girls. I thought my heart would explode with the love I have for them, and I too wanted to doo all I could for them with breastfeeding. I lasts 3month and it was the hardest 3months of my life. They are on formula now and they are thriving. Sometimes they spit up alot, but they also did that when I was breastfeeding. I however, regret quitting. I would encourage you to keep going. Check out it helped me alot. That bond is so special and once my milk dried up I was sad. So much so that I tried to re-lactate. I just don't want you to feel that. You can do it!! AND...if you can't it's not the biggest deal either. There are soooo many aspects of being a good mommy, feeding them is only one. Do what is best for you and your family, but just know that you can't go back. Good luck pretty lady!!

  12. bf gets better. once you hit 3 months it will be a breeze. in the meantime try nipple shields. life saver!! also once your body regulates his feedings the engorgement will go away. try letting him finish a full breast before offering the other. your body will regulate to a one side full per feeding. pumping also helps as well but it sends the signal that your body will make more.

    I couldn't bf w Caleb and I still feel guilty about it to this day. there is nothing wrong w formula but the bond w bf is not replacable.

    good luck. he is precious

  13. I know bf gets easier with time. That said, do NOT beat yourself up if you just can't do it. I couldn't with either of my boys. The world will try to make you think you're ruining the baby's life, but I personally think a content formula fed baby trumps a screaming starving breastfed baby every time. :)

  14. My little guy is 4 weeks today and I like you was blown away at how hard breast feeding is. I dont have any tiny lady part problems but my little guy always eats. Im a very active person and I was feeding him all the time I couldnt do anything. I was lucky to get a shower in. He was on me all day and the only time he would sleep for long amounts of time was at night on me( Again I like you didnt plan on cosleeping) I had to do something so I have been giving him formula twice a day and so far it has worked he is sleeping longer during the day. Today we went for a walk and I cleaned the house and as I'm typing this he is asleep in the swing. You have to do what works for you and your family. And today i feel so much less stressed from giving him alittle formula.

  15. I still felt like I bonded tremendously with my child when formula/bottle feeding. It was still such a precious time and since I was staying at home with her I was the primary feeder anyway. To top it off, my daughter was super healthy and thriving. He is beautiful!!!!

  16. Yeah first rule is the rules are always changing. What works this month will be completely different next.

    He is a doll. I miss mine being that small. They do grow SO fast.

    Yes that is a good rule about diapers. B never leaked but he did blow out (poop) when he was a little older. We switched brands and he was good. And I agree with other commenter, weight on the diaper bag means nothing. If the diapers are getting snug I go up a size.

    The night time 12 hour diapers may be good for Houston too. We do those at night and they are great (Pampers Baby Dry)

  17. Sorry I can't offer any mommy advice but I just wanted to congratulate your family on your gorgeous new edition! Enjoy xoxoxoxxoxox

  18. Hang in there! Whatever you decide will be the best decision for you and him. I was the same way. They start out really small, get huge and the babe can't eat and hurt/burn something awful. I gave up after a couple of weeks with my first. But with my second, I pumped for over a month. If the breast feeding isn't working for you, look into pumping. It helps you and feeds him. Even if you choose formula, though, he'll be fine. My 7 year old was mainly formula fed and is a happy, healthy, normal 7 year old.

  19. I'm new to your blog and love reading it :) Houston is beautiful! Congratulations!
    I have three girls, my youngest being 6 months old. I breastfed all three of them. The first child is the hardest, it hurts so bad, but then gets better. With my third I had no pain. To be honest, with my first, it hurt for about 6 weeks and then I was completely fine. Meaning no pain. It will get easier, it just takes a while :)
    Blessings to you, your family and sweet Houston!

  20. Breast feeding is not for the faint, that's for sure! The first 3 1/2 weeks of my little man's life were HARD...bleeding, chapped, etc. The cream was my bff! Krrp them will stain nearly everything,but sooo needed! 4 weeks was my magic number...and ive been going nearly 13mths strong now! Dont give up yet!

  21. Oh goodness breastfeeding is hard. I didn't expect it to be. I actually had the opposite problem - not enough milk. It was so tough to nurse, supplement and pump around the clock. BUT I stuck with it and it got so easy. I am almost done weaning her and she just turned one. You can do it!!!

  22. I hate saying this to people who are struggling with breast feeding, but it came so easy to me and I haven't had any of the normal problems. That being said - I have 3 tips.
    1. PUMP! When baby boy was born, I could have done Playboy my breasts were so engorged. I would literally have milk leaking everywhere. So, I started pumping. If the electric ones are too much, get a simple hand pump. This helps to relive engorgement when baby isn't nursing and someone else can help feed him (we never had any trouble with nipple confusion). It's a nice break even if it means you will pump more. What to do with all the extra milk? freeze it! there will come a time when you will use it.
    2. NUK makes warm and cold relief packs. they have them everywhere. i got mine at target. i didn't follow the instructions as to when to use them hot or cold, i just used them warm when i had a blocked duct.
    3. use your hospital's lactation consultant. mine offered assistance even after we got home and they were great, even when i just had a dumb question about my pump.

    hang in there! like i said, it has been smooth sailing for me. i have had a blocked duct which hurt like crazy and sore nipples at first. it got so much better and now these things are perfectly regulated. they fill when they need to and just enough. keep looking in those sweet eyes and love evry second of him needing you so much!

  23. Hello! Congrats on your little boy.. he is so cute! I have an almost 6 month old boy and breastfeeding was Super hard for me too! We are still breastfeeding, and I am so glad that I continued through the sleepless nights and the pain. Did you see a lactation consultant in the hospital?? I luckily saw one before I left and she found that my baby had a tounge tie, meaning that he couldn't latch on properly to get the milk out effectively. He had to get his tounge clipped, but after that, the pain seemed to go away instantly. Not saying that's what it is, but you never know! Anyways, breastfeeding is a lot harder than anyone really lets on, but it gets so much easier. I now consider myself a breastfeeding pro and my son and I love the bonding time. Good luck!

  24. Take one of those newborn diapers and wet it with tap water. heat it in the microwave. Lay it on your breasts. It cups perfectly around them and will help SOOOO much! Also, soothies!!! Hang in there. It will get better real soon. You are almost at the turning point!

    He is precious!

  25. He is precious!! Either way you go with bfing will be fine. If you continue it really does get easy. Invest in a good pump to allow some freedom and daddy can help. Once you get used to it it is easier than prepping a bottle. I wasn't sure how long I'd do it but ended up doing it for 13 months. I really did love it. It was the one thing we could do that no one else could share. And as you mentioned the time wil.... Good luck!!

  26. I lasted 6 weeks. Grayson ended up having an allergy to milk protein and secretly inside I was so thankful. It wasn't for us and I knew that from the beginning but felt like a horrible mom for not doing it. It will get better. Do whats best for y'all!

  27. Darling Stephanie, my daughter (third baby at our house) HATES nursing. Because of our history with food allergies, formula is a last resort for us. I pump for her (thank the Lord for Medela!) It was kind of a blow to my ego that nursing wasn't her thing, but she is thriving. As long as Houston is doing well, you need to do what is the best for both of you. God made you Houston's mommy because He knew you would be the best mommy for your little guy. Love your blog :)

  28. He's so beautiful!! (But I'm betting you already knew that...) ;)

    I threw in the BFing towel at about 2 weeks, due to the pain and a bad latch that wasn't getting any better. In the end, you just have to do what is best for you and best for your family. There really is no "wrong" decision ... What's right for one momma and baby isn't right for the next. Best of luck!

  29. He is gorgeous!

    I didn't have much success with breast feeding, but I pray your experience improves!

  30. Nipple shields are a LIFE SAVER! Give them a shot! :) I used them in the beginning when my daughter wouldn't latch and they cut down on pain tremendously. You can find them with the pumps at Target. Also, I highly recommend lactation consultants. I had the hardest time getting my little girl to latch but was determined to breastfeed...the consultant was so helpful and she taught me a lot.

  31. Congratulations! We have an almost 9 month old little boy, and I still cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. I remember having moments when I wished things would just hurry up (we had a stage of pterodactyl-screams every afternoon for about 2 hours), but that stage is just so brief in the long term.

    I second what others have said about ignoring the diaper sizing. We just switched our VERY big little guy over to size 4 (26 lbs, 31" long), and we have friends who's little boy is 22 lbs and wearing size 5. It's all about how they fit your child. I have also noticed that for us, the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive seem to be the most absorbent. They can get really heavy and he never seems to leak out of them.

    Good luck with breastfeeding! I made it 6 weeks, but was having to supplement with 4 oz of formula at each feeding, and taking 18 herbal supplements for my milk supply every day. I decided that for all parties involved, it was better to just fully switch to formula.

  32. Breastfeeding is very difficult in the beginning, which is why a LOT of people do throw in the towel. BUT it DOES get better, I promise! I never washed a bottle, my daughter never had an ear infection until I quit breastfeeding, and she is SO smart--I blame it on the breastfeeding ;) Hang in there, it will get better, the pain will go away, and it will be much easier than washing tons of bottles :) :) Congratulations, he is precious!

  33. oops, I'm guilty of saying "soak it up, it flies by!" :) I think I'm getting a little sad about how big clare is getting... 3 years old, my word. but really, it's also fun to see them grow up, develop their little personalities, and watch them learn! it's just such a precious gift isn't it??
    with regard to breastfeeding... I say pray, and then do what you feel is best for YOUR family, without guilt or reservation! you are a new mom and already doing such a WONDERFUL job, there is no doubt in any of our minds that whatever you decide will the right choice! :)
    but second, all that to say, my two cents would be to hang in there if you can! it took about a month for both of my kiddos to get the hang of it! If you haven't seen a lactation consultant, definitely do, they can really help with latch problems and are GREAT cheerleaders if you are needing encouragement! I also SWEAR by soothies, I kept them on 24/7 for several weeks, buy a couple pairs and store the ones you aren't using in the fridge, swap 'em out as needed! made all the difference for me!
    and he's precious!! sorry this comment was SO LONG :)

  34. This is my first time to comment but I wanted to chime in about breastfeeding - it is SO much better after the first month!! I tell all my friends to make a small goal (1 month) and then from there, another small goal (3 months) and so on. Soon you will look back and realize you LOVE nursing and don't want to stop. I think most people stop in the first few weeks because it is SO HARD - but you rarely hear of people stopping after 3 or 4 months - and that is because it is so enjoyable at that time!

    I recommend these -
    You can get them from your lactation consultant or at most stores, I think.

    Also, I pumped from the beginning and was terrified of "nipple confusion" and that baby wouldn't go back to the breast. My lactation consultant gave us this -

    and it worked very well for us! My baby wasn't special needs but it has a very slow feed that encourages baby to WORK to get the milk out, just like the breast. I was able to take a rest every once in a while (and let the nips heal!) and Daddy could give her a bottle. It was the best solution for us!

    Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful blessing! I am due in 5 weeks with my 2nd and can't wait!!

  35. I know nothing about being a parent, so I just wanted to let you know I've been praying for you and sweet family! Congrats on your precious baby boy and I will continue to pray for you as you are in this new chapter of your life!

  36. I'm a doctor and a mommy, so I feel like I can confidently give you advice about breastfeeding.

    1. It is tough. You still have tons of hormones coursing through your body, too, so always remember to be kind to yourself.

    2. Call the lactation consultant at your hospital or clinic ASAP or look for a local chapter of La Leche League. They will be able to offer tips and practice with you to get the most effective latch. This has been the most effective thing for mommies I know. It's so helpful to have someone, who is non-judgmental and very experienced, assist you in nursing.

    3. Engorgement is a killer, but it will calm down. Your breasts are still figuring out how much milk to make for Houston and they're in overdrive. Try warm washcloths to hand express to get your let-down prior to feeding him. I remember how hard it was to get my daughter to latch when I was full to bulging with my porn star breasts. A hand-pump is also a great option for taking the edge off for your babe to get a more gentle and easy flow of milk.

    4. Remember that it's normal for infants to latch and unlatch, which means more chapped nipples, and leaking milk all over the place. Encourage him to relatch in a good position (can you believe how strong those little arms are when he's fighting you?) and just keep some burp clothes by your bed, chair, living room, everywhere for the next couple of weeks.

    5. I liked Lansinoh lanolin.

    6. It will get better, like all things with babies. Pretty soon he'll be latching on like your nipple is a homing device and you'll be able to nurse discreetly in public. Until then, my recommendation is to wear as little clothing as possible. It makes nursing easier and encourages bonding.

    7. He is darling! Congratulations!

  37. Congratulations on your precious baby boy!!!

    I completely feel your pain about breastfeeding...I cried because of the pain almost everytime I nursed my baby for at least two weeks. And then all of a sudden the pain was gone! Lanolin was great and my lactation consultant told me i could also use bacitracin on cracks/blisters...just wipe off before you nurse again. Keep the gel pads in the fridge while you are nursing and they will help the pain after nursing. I also pumped when I was engorged....which will make it easier for the baby to latch. I literally researched how to correct my baby's latch for hours and hours on end thinking there had to be a cause for the pain....but turns out it just hurt in the beginning for me! I went and saw an outpatient lactation consultant, more than anything just to ease my mind, and got some great advice!

    There were MANY times that I wanted to give up and start formula, but my daughter is 8 months old, and breastfeeding is now a such a sweet time for us. It actually makes me sad to think about weaning her in just a few months.....and if you had told me 7 months ago I would feel that way I would have thought you were crazy :)

    But most importantly, you have to make the decision that is best for you and your baby. I whole-heartedly believe that if trying something different will make you happier and less stressed then you are able to be a better mommy!!!

  38. Stephanie,
    I stumbled on your blog through a friend's blog while you were pregnant. I love to hear others pregnancy stories so I was hooked :)

    I breastfed my son for 16 1/2 was NOT always easy! No one tells you how hard it is going to be and that it is a learning process for both Mommy and baby. People act like you are just suppose to know what to do...they latch on and go to town...RIGHT????

    My son was born 5 weeks prematurely so he did not have the sucking, swallowing, breathing rhythm down. I had to pump and give him a bottle while in the hospital! So, I sought help from a lactation consultant through my OBGYN in Louisville. She was amazing!! She recommended a nipple shield which you can purchase at Target or Babies r us in the small size. It was incredible the difference it made! He was able to latch on easily and it protected me from the pain!! I highly recommend one! I used Medella's version. He used it until he was about 5 months old when he weaned himself off of it! By then we both knew what we were doing :)
    I hope this helps and I hope you continue to stick with it!!! Just know that you will toughen up and you will be doing just what God intended for you to do for your baby! Good luck! He is such a beautiful little blessing!! Congratulations Mommy!!

  39. Lactation Consultant! Get thyself to one. Honestly, a great LC will make yours and Houston's life so much easier, you will never regret it. His little tummy is EXPECTING breastmilk--it's what he's designed to digest. The problems that so many babies have with man-made formula meant for calves is not something you want to deal with!

  40. So adorable. I am going to skip to the breast feeding. I have not read any of the other comments, so I am sorry if I repeat.

    It was very hard for me too, but for different reasons. However, my nipples did feel like they were going to fall off. WHAT HELPED THE MOST? Nipple shields!!!!! I wore them at all time, unless I was breast feeding. They take a little getting used to, but it helps with the pain....ALOT. I also applied Lansinoh nipple cream a billion times per day.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the engorgement will not always be like it is right now. Once Houston is more consistent with his feedings your body will start producing on a more as needed basis. Once you start feeling the slightest bit engorged grab a clean wet warm wash cloth and manually empty some of the milk to release a little of the pressure.

    TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A LACTATION CONSULTANT!!!! I kept putting off the call and once I called I was sooooooooo thankful. You can (most likely) call your hospital and ask to speak to a lactation consultant. They will provide encouragement and alternative ways to breast feed on a day to day basis.

    And remember you are NOT a failure if you switch to formula. I know plenty of moms who have done it and their children are fine. Bennett was half formula and half breast milk at 4 months and full formula at 6 months.

    Hope that helps a little.

  41. First of all, beautiful baby! Grayson will be 1 on Monday and I can't believe how fast this year went by!

    I switched to formula after a month of frustration due mostly because he couldn't get the milk down. He has done soooo much better with formula! Do what is best for YOU. No judgement here if you switch:) however, quitting hurts too. Sudafed dried me up quickly. Good luck! You're doing great!

  42. Hang in there with breastfeeding if you can. I bet by week three you will be feeling much better! Personally breastfeeding my little guy has be one of the best experiences besides his actual birth. Houston is such a beautiful boy! Your doing great just take it one day at a time!

  43. I did not take the time to read previous comments, so I might be repeating someone. Here's my experience, first son nursed and refused to stop although I would cry when it was feeding time because it hurt so bad. I did that for three months and then finally decided that I wasn't going to be the worst mom in the world for feeding formula. (Although I HATED buying it every week) Second son had the exact same problems and went to see a lactation consultant at our hospital. She told me exactly what to do to fix it, it worked and he nursed like a champ for 8 solid months with no problems. Baby number three, not one single problems, he is now 9 months old and we are starting to supplement formula just because he is a little disinterested in nursing!!! So, I suggest asking a professional for help, they really know what they are doing! BUT if you have to give up, do not beat yourself up about it, you are still the perfect mommy for Houston!!!

  44. If it feels like your nips are burning you could have a yeast infection. I did. I remember holding back tears and the lactation consultant watched and I told her this hurts MORE than labor. I felt like my nips were on FIRE. I got an antibiotic cream and it made it better.

    I still ended up pumping for 9 months because my daughter wouldn't latch and a plus to that I burned MAJOR calories all 50 preggo pounds fell off in 3 months.

    Keep at it, if it's something you're passionate will get easier. Do you have a pump? You can relieve some engorgement prior to nursing to help your little guy too.

  45. Hi, I'm a lurker :)

    It took me a good 4 weeks of super-painful breastfeeding.... like, come-up-off-of-the-chair-and-curl-your-toes-painful! I eventually found to change the latch a little (YouTube videos are invaluable!) and it was so much better after that! For engorgement, I would pump or hand-express a smidge before trying to nurse the baby and that helped a lot too.

  46. This is my first time commenting...I found your blog the day you went into labor! I'm almost 16 weeks along with my first and I have loved reading your pregnancy story...being able to compare our experiences and see your adorable belly grow! I can't wait!

    I am totally planning on breastfeeding...and I'm scared! Without any experience I say, "Don't quit! Not yet! You can do it!!" And maybe five months from now you can return the favor? :-) I just visited a dear friend whose little boy is 8 weeks old. She showed me the footrest that comes off of her glider ottoman, and explained how she would use it to brace herself against the pain of breastfeeding at the beginning. Freaked me out. But now she's a total pro.

    So there's a lengthy comment to say I'm rooting for pun intended!

  47. First-he looks like Nick now. :) Second- yes the move up in diaper size is true. Third- co-sleeping is the best thing ever, and Fourth- Don't give up on the nursing- you will feel that way with this first round of using those parts for this purpose, try the creams, and try to tough it out, it will get better, and soon. Call me if you want, after 100 months of nursing 6 babies I know a little bit about the subject. :D You are doing a great job mom!

  48. I had really bad engorgement for a few days and my little guy couldn't latch on either. My ped told me (and was later confirmed by a lactation consultatnt) to take a hot shower for about 5 minutes and massage my breasts toward the nipple to let some of it down. Also, she told me pump some (about 10 minutes) and that really helped to loosen things up. Hope that helps. It is all quite the adjustment for sure.

  49. Precious baby boy! Honestly lady, you've been given great advice. Carsyn has never had a drop of formula and has never had an ear infection or any form of sickness. I do believe there is a correlation. That being said I did not get much sleep in the beginning and I constantly worried about Carsyn getting enough to eat. I think formula babies are better sleepers and it's so much easier to know how much they're eating.

    Just my two cents momma! You're doing wonderfully! You have my email so if you ever have any bf questions let me know.

  50. I remember it was shortly after two weeks that the pain finally eased away. By 4 weeks I didn't even need the nipple cream anymore. We are still going strong at 10 1/2 months. I so remember the pain and the cracks and oh my the cracks that run so deep you bleed. Do what's best for you, but here's what helped me. All I can say is it drastically got better!!!

    using the cream multiple times a day and for sure after every feeding
    cool compress packs after feedings (you put them right in your nursing bra) felt amazing
    I would express some milk (by hand) when I was too full so the baby could latch on better

    PLEASE know that whatever you decide is the right decision. The whole bf/formula debate can get so catty! You're doing great! Good luck and God Bless!

  51. First of all, he is absolutely adorable!! Pure sweetness!

    -Diapers: I ended up switching brands from Pampers swaddlers to Huggies snugglers. He would be in a brand new diaper and suddenly be soaking the diaper didn't even absorb any of the tee-tee, so I decided why not try a different brand and see. Other than the occasional blow out that happens with every tiny baby, we didn't have any problems with wet leaking diapers anymore. I have friends that swear by pampers for girls and huggies for boys, but i think it just depends on baby's shape. When he started sleeping through the night, we started using the huggies overnights too. And then I tried the Target diapers around 7 months (and size 3) upon several other mom recommendations and we haven't looked back! They have actually worked just as well as the huggies....i would however stick with pampers or huggies until they are at least in a solid size 2 before you give a "generic" brand a try though.

    -and breastfeeding.... the first 3-4 weeks are very hard and very, very painful!! a lot of people forget to tell you that, but i say if you can get through the first 6 weeks it will become so easy and you'll be glad you did! i never had the engorgement problem for some reason, but it will get better as your body gets used to his feeding schedule. in the meantime, hot showers, pumping some first, and warm compresses (add water to a diaper and microwave) will help.
    my milk didn't really come in until about day 5...and by then my right "napple" was so dry, cracked and bleeding! i lathered lanolin on all day and night (and fyi, the lansinoh brand will stain). it would bring tears to my eyes and make my toes curl everytime he would latch on for about a week and then probably between week 2 and 3 all the pain seemed to go away.
    then i got mastitis at week 5 and it was something awful!! but the only cure is antibiotics and to keep nursing, so we trudged forward and once it was gone i didn't have any more problems! so that's why i tell all my friends if you can make it through the first 6 weeks, it will become "easy" and the pain will go away! and definitely ask a lactation consultant if you need help.
    i nursed my son until 15 months and am so thankful that i was able to do it. when he was a newborn and waking up every 4 hours to eat, it was so convenient to just lay him in bed next to me and feed him. and i never had a problem with feeling like breastfeeding didn't allow me to go son ate every 4 to 4.5 hours (that was his schedule from the beginning), which was first thing in the morning, lunch, late afternoon, and bedtime (then during the night) - so a lot of those were times we were home anyway, but if i needed to nurse him in the backseat of my car, we did it...i went to every college football game and spent all day at the tailgate...when it was time to eat, we found an empty spot in the student union and no one even noticed us...and i even fed him in a bathroom if need be.
    give yourself small goals....6 weeks, then 8 weeks, then 12...and then it will probably be smooth sailing! and if you have to switch to formula, he will be fine too. lastly my son has never been to the doctor other than for a well baby check-up - and i attribute a lot of that to be able to breastfeed him as long as i did.

    sorry that was a novel!

  52. He is precious :0) AS far as nursing goes...Your awesome for sticking to your guns. As you know you are making the best decision for your little man...because your milk is made especially for him :0)Engorgement stinks well it sucks to be frank but it will pass. I remember holding my breathe when my babies first latched on those early weeks...its hurts. Try to express(with your hand) a tiny bit before you nurse him. Or right before you know he is due to eat put warm washcloths on them. But know it will become much much easier......I just read this cute article the other day so I thought I would pass it along to you

  53. Houston is so beautiful! I just can't get over him! Congratulations!

    I bf all 3 of my babies but it was TOUGH and I wanted to quit, too. I will never forget that toe curling pain from a bad latch even today and my baby is 6! But I was too lazy to mess with bottles so I stuck it out.

    The hospital I delivered at had lactation consultants and I would just show up (even though they would prefer you to make an appt) because I was desperate for help and who would turn away a crying mommy? I always got the help I needed and the reassurance that it would get better.

    Also, nursing shields were a life saver. The kind that fit over your nipple in your bra on to allow you to "air dry" so that you can heal in between nursings without anything touching or irritating it. You can even get the kind that your wear while nursing. I never used that kind but I know many friends that were successful with them.

    As far as engorgement, use a breast pump or manually express enough milk so that you are comfortable. You don't want to pump or express too much so that you are telling your body to produce more, you just want to be comfortable and reduce your risk at getting an infection.

    In the end, it is your decision and what works for your family is what makes you and Houston happy. Do not feel guilty about whatever you choose. There is a reason they make formula and these days it's probably just as good as momma's milk, maybe a little less convenient :)

  54. Long time lurked here! congrats on you handsome little guy! You've been given great advice on here for nursing. Lactation consultants are fbulous people is all I can say. like others have said, three weeks seemed to be my ,magic number all three times. We ended up nursing for 7 months, 9 months, and 14 months respectively and I'm pretty sure the 3 year old would still be going if I would let him! Hang in there and just love that little guy!

  55. Oh Stephanie...I'm so sorry to hear about your trouble with breastfeeding!!! You've got lots of great advice on here, but let me just add my two cents:

    1) Call a lactation consultant...NOW! Don't wait until you're so miserable it won't do any good.

    2) Try nipple shields. (The LC will probably discourage this because they can mess with the latching, but it might get you through these tough weeks, then you can get rid of them.)

    3) Pump every now and then. It will give your "parts" :) a rest and it will give you some good practice for when you go back to work. (I know...heartbreaking!)

    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY--don't beat yourself up. The lactation consultant that I spoke with told me this, "If you want to continue, we'll work through it. But if you're done, be done. Don't hate yourself."

    You're a great mom. Breastfeeding, while important, is just a SMALL part of that. Good luck on working through your struggles!

  56. Your baby is very cute.

    I urge you to tough it out with breastfeeding. It's the best thing for him. If you just can't nurse anymore, please consider pumping. It's so much better for him and his little body than formula. I struggled with razor-like pain for 6 weeks with my daughter and am so glad I pushed through it. I kept saying I was tired of the pain, but I knew I really would never give up because formula is inferior to breastmilk. My daughter never had a drop and is super healthy! Hang in there.

  57. Congrats on your little man! He is precious!!
    I have a 10 week old and for me, breastfeeding saw terrible. I also have a 2 year old who was a preemie so I wasn't able to breastfeed her. I was bound and determined to breastfeed #2. I did tons of research and became bff with the lactation consultant at my hospital. Everyone kept telling me it would get better. After 8 weeks of torture, I had enough. I mixed up some formula and haven't looked back since. It never got "easy," it never got "comfortable," and I sure as heck didn't think it was "convenient." Maybe I was doing it wrong but it definitely didn't work for me. (I am currently drafting a blog post about how much I dislike breastfeeding) Do what is best for you. Maybe slip in a bottle or two of formula to get a little break. The night I gave my 10 week old the formula, she slept through the night. Might have been a coincidence but it was good enough for me. Being a mommy is tough work. You are doing awesome! He wont be the first baby to get some formula :)

  58. Hey girlie! Hang in there... it gets easier! I had a preemie (at 27 weeks) so I had to pump for my baby girl when she was born. We got in such a good routine when she was in the hospital that I continued to pump for her for the first year of her life. I knew how much milk she was getting in the bottles, I was able to provide the healthy breastmilk for her, and I was still able to bond amazingly well with Addie! :) It's hard to do at first because in my head I had it all worked out differently... but at the end of the day, I was still providing for my munchkin so that's what mattered! It was also good because it gave my husband to bond with Addie, too.

    Something I always have to remember: you do what is best for YOUR child... you're the Mommy. :)

    Good luck, girl! Houston is a lucky little guy!

  59. oh congrats momma he is just absolutely gorgeous!! I wanted to chime in on the nursing thing my little Carys had horrible reflux issues in the beginning so we supplemented with formula right away and continued to do so with a supplemental nursing system for about 6 weeks at 6 weeks she latched on went to town and has never looked back. During those first 6 weeks I felt like a failure cause my little one was getting formula and boy did I ever want to give up and nearly did just about every other day. The thing that helped me was to realize that in the end breastfeeding or formula feeding is only one small decision we moms face with our babes. Don't beat yourself up over nursing issues I promise you life goes on when your baby gets formula yes it may not be as good as breast milk but it still nourishes your baby and in the end that's the most important thing. Putting yourself through torture just isn't worth the stress. Do what's right for your family you are Houston's mommy and you know what's best for your family. Congrats again he is absolutely precious.

  60. Breastfeeding does get better! I was still sore until he was about 3-4 weeks old and thats when it started getting easier as well! We started to get into a grove. I plan on breastfeeding until he is at least 9 months old.

    I pumped and still pump everyday to help with engorgement. My son is 2.5 months old and he has been sleeping through the night the last couple weeks, therefore I wake up sore from being so engorged. If I wake before he does I pump about 2-3 ounces to be a bit relieved and so it is easier for him to latch on.

    Also, if you pump at least once a day then your husband or others can feed him a bottle so you can have a bit of a break. My husband has loved being able to feed our son and I go pump another bottle for another day! Have you tried nipple cream? It didn't make the pain go away, but eased it a little for me. Stick in there if you can....Good Luck! Your son is adorable!

  61. Stephanie,

    Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a sweetie--and rolling over already??! Oh my! That's're in for it!

    I had a lot of pain during the first few weeks of breastfeeding too. I used Lansinoh lanolin before and sometimes after each nursing time and it really helped to soothe my sore nipples and is perfectly safe if the baby digests any. It doesn't take the pain away, but it helped. Also, my breasts were really engorged too. Man, that HURTS! If you are having difficulty with BF cause you have clogged ducts, I would suggest getting a bowl of very warm water and placing your breast (weird, I know) down into the warm water. This should help unclog the ducts quickly. Also, pumping was my best friend too. Whenever you are in pain and the baby has already eaten or won't eat for awhile, pump those babies!! It will help relieve you. Your body is still adjusting to how much Houston needs so it's making more than enough right now. As time goes on it will get better cause your milk supply regulates to what he needs. So cool, eh?

    Whatever you decide, don't be hard on yourself! You are the PERFECT Momma already. I know it's tough--but hang in there! My little one is 10 months and nursing is a breeze now! I'm so glad I stuck with it but like I said, you do what's best for you. You can't go wrong!


  62. As everyone has said, breastfeeding is hard. But I would suggest that you stop reading all the websites out on the world wide web, and go with your instincts and relax. As everyone has also said, it does get better, but when you're going through it, it feels like it lasts forever. When I had my first, I was so bound and determined to breastfeed that I scoured the internet and read books, but all it accomplished was me feeling stressed out and not being able to produce milk because of it. Don't worry about getting on a feeding schedule of every two to three grow and need food when they grow. Please stick with it, it will be the most rewarding thing you do. You will look back and cherish the time you had breastfeeding Houston.

  63. I haven't read all the comments, but wanted to chime in as a mother with two children aged 24 and 21:). I'm fair-skinned too, and breast-feeding my daughter (first child) was SO HARD. It was 6 weeks before I could leave the house, before the pain subsided. Here's what worked. BLOW DRYER! I'm serious. Everytime after you finish, blow your nipples dry on the low setting of your dryer. Then don't cover up unless you have to.

    Yes, this means a lot of sitting around exposed. But dry nipples can heal.

    Of course, if you have a lactation consultant available to you, get her over ASAP. In my experience, the best part of nursing is that at least I had won one battle. It gave me so much confidence, that at least I knew their nutrition was unquestionably the best.

    My kids grew up super smart and wonderful. I'm not going to say that formula kids can't do the same. Not at all. But the fact that I KNEW I was doing the right thing really helped me be the confident, calm, and strict mother I wanted to be. Seriously, if you know you've given your all, you don't mind setting clear limits and expectations later on.

    All my best wishes to you. Keep trying. Get help. Give it another few weeks. I feel your pain:).

  64. Oh, and if you're engorged, hot washclothes help. Then, if your milk comes out too fast, hold your nipple between two fingers as though it were a cigarette to manage the flow. My milk would come out so fast they spluttered, until I learned how to squeeze and control the flow.

  65. When my son was born, one nipple was sooo cracked right at the place where it joins the breast that I was almost expecting it to fall off sometime when I was nursing. I remember my OB took a look at my nipples during the postpartum visit and *cringed*.

    I kept at it thought, used Lanolin and a nipple shield for a week, used breastmilk itself to smear on the cracked painful nipples and let it dry (this is a great healing method, even better than Lanolin)...and finally by about 6 weeks we hit the sweet spot! It was painfree and wonderful and soooooo bonding - very rewarding! And so convenient - no messing about sterilizing bottles and whatnot, and available fresh at any time wherever you go :) I ended up nursing him for 2 yrs 3 months until he weaned naturally.

    So do stick it out for at least a couple months before you make a decision either way. You might like to read this wonderful blog post by a new mama for some inspiration and encouragement:

  66. Again, what an adorable baby boy!

    For breastfeeding...I used,Lanolin. When my daughter was nursing I would smear that stuff on. It took a bit of time for it to work, but eventually it did work and help. My nipples would be really sore too and so I just dealt with the pain, and eventually it did go away.
    For the engorgement... I know that this may sound a little gross but have you tried squeezing some of the milk out? I used to do this and it helped. Also, if you don't already have these, I heard that getting gel pads helps.
    Hang in there with the breastfeeding, I promise it does get better!
    However, breastfeeding is a personal choice, so do what you think is best for you and your son.

  67. My lil girl is almost 11 weeks. I dealt with the same engorgment issues with her not being able to latch on also. The nipple shield helped me so much in the beginning.You can find them at Target.I also had the painful clogged milk duct situation the only thing that helped it was to pump. After a month breast feeding got so much easier. I am so thankful I pushed through the first month because now it is so easy,convenient and I love knowing that my little girl needs me to feed her. I wish you the best in whatever you pursue

  68. He's a total cutie! And I love the power of FB with the pee assistance :)

    I didn't have a lot of pain with breastfeeding, but I do remember it was HARD. Being the only one who could feed my daughter, feeling like all I did was nurse her, being so frustrated about everything. But it DID get easier. I think the first 4-6 weeks were the absolute worst - if I was going to quit, it would have been then. It gets soooo much better. I nursed my daughter for 13 months, and I'm so thankful we were both able to benefit from breastfeeding and shared that bond for over a year. Hang in there - and if the pain continues, be sure to find a lactation consultant, nurse, doctor, friend who will take the time to help. Houston could have a tongue tie, it could be a latch issue, your engorgement will hopefully level out but you could have an over-supply ... all things that can be addressed and make your experience a pleasurable one. You're doing a great job - those ounces are such a source of pride when you know how hard you're working to beef him up :)

  69. I pumped with both of my daughers for 6 months each. It is double the work, but the benefits for the baby and for me made it worth it. Added bonus, others can feed the baby once in awhile and you know how much the baby is eating!!

    He is adorable! Don't be hard on yourself if the breastfeeding becomes too much. You need to do what is right for you. Happy Mama = Happy Baby (and Daddy)

  70. I had the worst breastfeeding pain ever from about day 4-10. I used breast shields and it helped a lot. But after a few times I had to just use them every 2nd or 3rd feeding because they're meant for people with inverted nipples, so if you don't have inverted nipples the baby will pull your nipple through the little holes and that's even worse haha. As everyone above has said, it gets better I promise!! My baby just turned a month old and I don't remember the last time it hurt to breastfeed. I've heard if you're really engorged, you can pump a little to release some of it and then latch the babe on. Personally, I did not like the manual pump, it hurt so bad so I bought the Medela Swing. My electric pump is completely pain free, to me it kinda tickles haha. If you're going back to work you might want a double side pump though. And you may not want to make that investment if you're not sure about continuing to breastfeed. Your hospital might have one for rent. Also, sounds gross, but if your nipples are really tender, don't wash them with soap in the shower, and let them air dry. Even if you have the softest towels in the world- ouch! haha! And lastly, do not let anyone make you feel bad if you switch to formula. While everyone can agree "breast is best", there's nothing wrong with formula feeding. Feeding your baby is feeding your baby. It really gets me heated that some people treat formula feeding mothers like they're basically not feeding their baby. Whew, anyway! Love your blog! You crack me up! :)

  71. Houston is adorable! I randomly found your blog - but wanted to let you know your emotions are right on target with breastfeeding and being a new mom. When I had my first baby almost three years ago I wanted to try breastfeeding. I quickly found out that since I had a breast reduction many years ago that my ducts did not repair and breastfeeding was out of the question. It was very hard for me. So we had to switch to formula. I just recently had my second child and we decided to just go with formula. I've heard many woman that get annoyed by breastfeeding and many woman that love it. I say if you can do it - DO IT! Formula is so expensive and you have the potential of getting your baby weight off faster. Just remember everything you are doing is for Houston - the negatives are just small things and they will eventually go away. Since I couldn't breastfeed we decided to save money by going the cloth diaper route. LOVE IT! Enjoy motherhood and welcome to the mommy club.

  72. Hi recent mommy! I am a new mom to an almost 5 month old girl and I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I feel your pain. Here are a few things that helped us....

    1. Wear a nursing bra to bed and put on the lanolin cream whenever you remember. Try pumping if you feel too engorged.

    2. Try standing up to latch. Once your boy is latched, then you can sit down in a nursing chair.

    3. I LOVED my breast friend nursing pillow. I used it for the first 3 months almost every time I nursed.

    Hope this helps! Jennifer

  73. You can do it!! I PROMISE:) I have breastfed all of my 3 babies for the first year of life and if you can get established and get through the first 2 months I PROMISE it becomes a second nature and your breasts adjust to it. It is what they were designed to do, but the adjustment to it is SO hard. So you are absolutely not alone in that. Once your nipples get used to it they should not burn anymore. It sounds like they may be cracked and you can try the lanisoh ointment but what worked for me is to let them air out and (I know this sounds weird but the lactation consultant advised me to do this:) rub some of the breast milk onto the cracked nipples and let sit for about 20 minutes before putting your bra back on. Also, SUPER important is to make sure he is latched on properly. To do this you may have to pump a little to relieve the engorgement so that his mouth can properly latch onto the nipple. This should prevent nipple irritation in the future. It's ALL about the latch. PLEASE feel free to email me with ANY breastfeeding questions you may have. We mommies have to stick together and help each other along the way. I have certaintly needed it over the last few years! Also, if after trying you decide breastfeeding is not for you, then do NOT feel guilty. What is MOST important is that you and baby are comfortable and happy:)

  74. Breastfeeding is TOUGH, especially for the first month. Your tiny lady parts feel like someone is slicing them off with a razor blade and believe me when I say, it does get better. The engorgement will lessen once you get into a routine and your body adjusts to it all. The pain really does go away after a while, your lady parts just need to adjust as well. This is all new to your body and as you know, change is tough, but this is well worth it.

    I know that breastfeeding isn't for everyone, but if you are 100% committed to it, stick it out and IT WILL get better.

    There are creams you can use for your nipples to keep them hydrated and if the pain gets too bad and there is any redness, get to your doctor. Infections are common at first, but with a prescription it will clear up quickly.

    If you have any questions please don't be shy, I don't know it all, but I can definitely encourage you.

    Houston is absolutely adorable, good work Momma.

  75. I had the exact same problems with Ella at the beginning of breastfeeding. Hang in there! Now two months later she can latch herself on correctly and we're breastfeeding machines. definitely pump out a little milk before trying to latch him on when you're really engorged. It will help both of you out. Also, make sure when he's latching on that he's getting some of your areola under your nipple and his top lip is just over the top of your nipple. That will help with the pain. Lanolin is also your best friend! Slather it on after every feeding.

    There were days I sat crying because I was frustrated with breastfeeding and in pain, but I hung in there and its worth it. It's special mom and baby time now that I'm back at work. Don't feel bad for being frustrated and pump for your husband to give him a bottle every once in a while. It's worth you keeping your sanity. :-)

  76. Also(sorry), if you decide to switch to formula DON'T feel long as you are both happy and healthy that's all that matters.

  77. Hey Steph! I wouldn't let him sleep in the bed with with you. It highly increases his risk of SIDS - sudden infant death syndrome.

  78. Breastfeeding is very hard; I quit when my now 3 month old was just about 8 weeks, and he has done fine and is growing like a weed. He actually started putting on more weight on formula. My other two children were not breastfed and they are beyond healthy. You do what you feel as Houston's mother is right for you. congrats on the baby!!!

  79. Breastfeeding is so hard but it is so worth it. I breastfeed my son for 13 months and the first month was excrutiating. I dreaded him getting hungry because I was so afraid of the pain. I highly recommend lanolin cream and hydrogel soothing pads...they helped SO much. I was so glad I stuck with it because after the pain went away the bonding experience was amazing. It is your decision either way of course but I don't think you will regret sticking out the pain for a few weeks for the benefits you will get in return.

  80. LOVE all his photos! And his bunny rabbit is so cute!

  81. He is so adorable! I love the whole go to FB thing, I go to twitter lol! As for BFing, I used a nipple shield, it really helped with latching and then I wasnt as full because my little one could eat.

  82. I have never commented but have been reading your blog for a few months now.

    Houston is adorable!

    I only made it 4 weeks breastfeeding with my Maycee Belle. I felt horrible about it and went back and forth over my decision a lot because it seems you catch a lot of flack if you decide to switch to formula. But you have to make the best decision for you! I will say that I started pumping and feeding in bottle because the engorgement was SO bad and that seemed to work better for me. Maycee Belle also had latching issues so the pumping and bottle helped.

  83. Have never commented before but I love reading your blog! As a new mom who is breastfeeding here goes: I had the same pains and we both ended up having thrush..i pumped every 3 hours to give my breasts some relief and once we both got rid of thrush I resumed breastfeeding. At first I used nipple shields (the best thing EVER!) Also take ibuprofen, it helps with the pain! There were many days and nights i wanted to throw in the towel, when he would latch it would hurt so bad I would have to count to 10 and would be sweating! I am so glad now though that we worked through can do it!!

  84. I'm sure I'll probably repeat what a lot of other moms are suggesting...

    1)I was a slave to my Medela pump for a solid 3 months. No one told me BF was so seemed like it was such a breeze for everyone else.
    2) Get a nipple shield...that will help him latch when you're engorged. If you don't want to use a nipple shield, pump just until you feel a little relief...that shouldn't trigger your body to make more because the demand has increased. For me, my supply only increased if I was 'empty'.
    3) For the might have a yeast infection (thrush) if it feels like you have shards of glass or extreme burning during or after nursing. I had it from taking antibiotics but Brooke never showed any symptoms of thrush.
    4) Do NOT stop. It will get easier - you just need to push through. You will be SO glad you didn't throw in the towel. You can 'fight a bear' for a little while. :)
    5) while I don't think this is a problem for you now (and hopefully not ever)...but if you ever run into supply issues, Fenugreek will help with increasing your milk supply.

    My daughter didn't 'get it' until she was 3 months old (she wouldn't latch at all) and then all of a sudden it was like a light switch. Another one of my mom friends said this is a very common issue with some babies...and she referred to the learning curve as the 4th trimester. He will get it, if you keep at it! :)

  85. Breast feeding is freakin' HARD!!!!! My daughter would NEVER latch on, so because I wanted to be a good mommy I pumped for 7 weeks. EVERY SINGLE FEEDING for SEVEN MISERABLE WEEKS. Seriously. I was insane. I wrote about it here...

    But the bottom line is that you have to do what you think is best for your child. You are mom- take other's advice with a grain of salt and DON'T let them push you around!!!

  86. First things first, Hudson is so sweet! He is too cute.

    Second, forgive me for not reading the prior 85 comments to see if what I'm about to say has already been said. It sounds to me like pumping might alleviate some of your pain and discomfort. It sounds like you might be making more than he's consuming right now. I b-fed both of my sons and I didn't experience the pain you're feeling until the very end when I was trying to stop producing. I remember I was tight and uncomfortable for about a week until one of my friends suggesting pumping one last time. I didn't think it made sense since I was trying to quit but she was right, that last time was just what my body wanted. The pressure was gone almost immediately and I didn't have any issues after that. Even if you don't want to start bottle-feeding right now, you can freeze it for later on when his consumption goes up. I hope that helps. Don't give up yet! You can do it!!

  87. He's absolutely beautiful. I look forward to seeing more pics. Good luck with the breast feeding. I don't have any kids so no advice but I will say that my sis-in-law had all the same problems you're describing & she felt incredibly guilty. She finally went with formula & her & the baby were both MUCH happier. Whatever you decide to do will be ok!

  88. I don't know if you have ever heard of Newman's Nipple Cream, but it's a prescription that most doctor's offer (at least around Chattanooga) when you leave the hospital. You can only get it filled at a compound pharmacy. With my first, I never had pain. I thought, "Gosh, I don't know why people quit breastfeeding, this doesn't hurt at all." I was expecting breastfeeding to be even easier with my second daughter. Boy was I ever WRONG!!!! I have never felt such pain in my life. I tried the cooling pads and tried the Lanolin to no avail. I tried the Newman's for a couple of days and I was good to go! Also, I would try pumping when Houston is done nursing to 'empty' so you don't get engorged. I am in no way a Lactation Consultant (although I am considering it in the future) but it's worked so far with both of my girls. I also enjoy creating a stockpile of frozen milk in my deep freeze just in case of emergencies. I always worried with my first that my milk would stop or something and ended up not needing it, but it did make it possible to take a weekend trip with my husband! You can totally do this! You have already comitted to 2 weeks so the worst is behind you. I promise, one day you will wake up and think, "Wow, this doesn't hurt anymore!" and it will all be worth it when you don't have to get up in the middle of the night and warm a bottle! I co-sleep too and it's so convenient to just latch the baby on and go back to sleep! That to me was worth enduring the pain!!!

  89. I'm glad things are going well, despite the breastfeeding pain. He is so cute! Definitely enjoy every moment because it does go by too fast!
    As for the breastfeeding, it will get better, and most likely very soon! It's a lot to get used to, but things will toughen up, if you catch my drift. ;) Just keep up with the lanolin and make sure he's latching on properly!

  90. Gongrats and a great looking little baby boy! As for breastfeeding, it will get better. I had many problems and they worked themselves out. I am not sure about where you live but around me there are lactation consultants and support groups that help me greatly. You mentioned FB there is a group there also. In the end you will do what is best for your family and baby.

  91. Oh my goodness, I love reading your posts! Confession time, I have been checking back almost daily to see if you posted :) What a sweet little boy. So happy for you

  92. Hey Stephanie,

    I've never commented before, but I found your blog a few weeks before Houston's arrival and I've been checking your page ever since for updates. My little guy is almost 9 years old, and they do grow up WAY too fast. Here's my advice on breast feeding. I didn't do it. I never even tried. It wasn't something that I ever considered because I had a MISERABLE pregnancy and after my son was born, I was ready to feel like my body was my own again. I was almost hospitalized during my pregnancy because I had severe morning-noon-night sickness! I was ready to eat what I wanted to eat (bring on the Mexican)! There are so many things that you are supposed to watch in your diet when you breast feed, and I didn't want to be bothered with it or the pain that you're going through. I know there are many breast feeding advocates, but seriously formula is fine! You can even buy the big Equate tubs at Wal-Mart or Sams and the ingredient list is the same as the pricer brands. I also had no desire to pump milk and my husband was looking forward to being able to feed our son too. Bottom line is that if you are not enjoying it or it is uncomfortable for you, your son will sense your emotions and stress. The way you choose to feed your baby has no bearing on how good of mother are, how much you love your son, or what his IQ will be. When you are ready to make the switch to formula, stick some cabbage leaves in your bra and your milk will dry up and your breasts will stop aching in about 2 days. I'm not kidding about the cabbage leaves! Put them in the fridge so they will feel cold and soothing.

    Do be careful with co-sleeping though. Due to SIDS, it really isn't safe until about 6 months. We had Josh's crib in our room and I just pulled it up to my side of the bed. We did the co-sleeping thing from about 6 months until 2 years old when he moved into his big boy bed. The best thing I ever bought was one of those bright play mats that fold out and have the toys that dangle on top. The mats have activities too. If Houston ever rises early and you need more sleep, just pop that thing in the crib and it will/should entertain him while you get some zzzzz's.

    Best of luck to you and your husband. Take lots of photos and savor every minute because little ones grow up in the blink of an eye. I'm a stay-at-home mom and we homeschool, and it is still passing by way too fast.

    God Bless,

    P.S. Buy cheap diapers! We used Luvs because Pampers and Huggies were too much. Our son had less leaks in Luvs, and we actually found a Pampers diaper in a box of Luvs once. I'm convinced they are all made in the same factory. Save your money because Houston will be able to make poop just as well in cheaper diapers!

  93. Hi Stephanie!! I have been following your blog for a little over a year but have never commented. What you described with breastfeeding sounded a lot like the problem I had with my oldest daughter. The pain was so unbearable that while she nursed I would cry my eyes out! Flash forward to child number 2 and I learned all the things I had done wrong with breastfeeding. You may already be well aware not to do these things, but I certainly was not! When you get out of the shower do not dry your nipples. Allow them to air dry. Don't wear breast pads that are soaked. Change them out often. Use lanolin after every feeding and after getting out of the shower. A book that I read with my 2nd daughter was also a tremendous resource! It's called So That's What They're For: Breastfeeding Basics by Janet Tamaro.

    Remember it is okay to supplement. We did with both of our girls and they have turned out just fine. I hope this helps!!! Whatever you decide to do will be what is best for that sweet baby! I breastfeed my oldest for 6 weeks and hated every minute of it! I breastfeed my youngest and was devistated when I had to give it up when she was 6months old due to severe allergies. Good Luck and don't be so hard on yourself!!!

  94. Try a NIPPLE SHIELD. Lactation consultants say not to use them but if you do it every other feeding, your nipples get a relief but still learn to toughen them up. Also, it does get easier. My daughter wouldn't latch for a week and then breastfed for 18 months. If you are having engorgement issues, try a warm shower. It will drain some of the milk. Or try warm wash clothes or a heating pad. Just drain enough to be comfortable and then try to relatch. Breastfeeding is the MOST FRUSTRATING thing I have ever done, but once it clicks, it is amazing. Don't give up!!!
    As for diapers, try different brands. My daughter always leaked in Huggies but never in Pampers or Luvs. Every tushy is different. We are expecting our second daughter in 7 weeks and will be using Luvs this time around. You could also try cloth diapers if you are feeling REALLY adventurous! Good luck and hang in there!

  95. Breast shield , breast shield and oh.. A breast shield ! GET ONE, NO GET 10 ! They are a freaking life saver ! They help the baby latch I swear its the greatest invention for nursing mothers , don't give up it gets better! You will start loving it

  96. I'm going to share advice my little guys doctor shared with me last week at his first check up that I've really taken to heart. " The only thing that matters is a healthy baby and happy parents, no matter how you get there." If breast feeding isn't working for you, thats ok. There are other options. I have been having my own feeding issues and finally had to switch to primarily pumping, and it has made my little guy and me so much happier now that we aren't struggling. If you have to switch its ok, regardless you'll be doing whats best for your family. BTW congrats again on your handsome little guy!

  97. Congratulations on your sweet little blessing. I would encourage you to give breastfeeding a little more time before you decide to give it up. Having your favorite warm drink before you feed him or pump will help your milk come down sooner. Pumping a bit in between feedings or just before you feed him would probably help the sounds like you're producing more than he's eating right now, but you could pump and freeze the extra milk for later. It is SO worth it to keep going, even though it's hard right now. That being said, if you do decide it's not for you, don't beat yourself up over that decision!

  98. nipple butter by first years - try it. the soreness does get better (make sure they aren't rubbing on loose clothing - that makes it worse - if you have a tank top with a shelf that you can put disposable breast shields in, that's enough to keep them a bit more comfortable). do you have a pump? if so, pump, woman! don't worry about over producing - you'll have some in the freezer for later!!!
    And most importantly, do what you can - that's all we can do :). I stopped at 2.5 weeks (and pumped for 5.5 more) with my son and I had a hard time with guilt (just being honest here). It is SO hard. I breastfed my daughter for 6 months - and the ONLY thing that kept me going was looking at it day-to-day..."today I'm going to breastfeed, and I'll decide about tomorrow when it comes". It felt so freeing to think of it that way.
    Good luck - you're doing a great job! He'll do great no matter how he gets his food :).

  99. Definitely hang in there with the breastfeeding!! I was ready to throw in the towel MANY MANY was excruciating every time my daughter latched, any time clothing touched them I was in tears. But, I stuck in there and I think around the 6 week point it got so much better and I was able to work full time and nurse until my daughter was 8 months old.

  100. That picture with baby and daddy is absolutely precious! darling, that's one you want to have framed for sure :)

  101. I have Been readin your blog and must say I love it! My little boy is 4 months old and I feel your pain through all of these life transitions. Breastfeeing, it will get easier! I wanted to give up but am so happy I didn't. I did have to pump and bottle feed for the first 6 weeks and then my breast were ready to have my little man feed off of. Diapers....I was told to not get newborn. We didn't and we are already in size 3 so don't follow the weight! Once your boy I'd having blowouts consistently, then just assume it's time to go up!

    The biggest thing, when breastfeeding, don't stress. The more stress you get your baby will feel!

    Kep up the hardwork. It will get easier and then when your little guy goes to daycare you will cry knowing you won't be feeding him all the time.

    Congrats again! Little boys are great!!!

  102. After nursing my son I would tell anyone to stick with breastfeeding for 6 weeks before throwing in the towel!!! Between the hormones and the nipple pain I literally sat on my couch crying thinking that all I would be doing for the rest of my entire life was breastfeeding....obviously no logic to that lol. I promise the pain of the latching on will go will become second nature for you both and you won't even feel a thing. Once we got past the first few weeks I LOVED nursing my son, and did so until he was 13 months! Now I just had my second child on Sept. 1st and already the pain of latching is gone! If breastfeeding is important to you, just don't give will get better!!!

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  104. He is so adorable! I can definitely commiserate with you but please don't throw in the towel yet! I promise you will regret it if you do. I gave up after 5.5 long months with baby #1 and I cried for weeks afterwards. The guilt was horrible. Here's my advice....
    -high tail yourself to the closest Le Leche League meeting. Spending time with other mama's going through the same thing will do wonders for your confidence level & help you feel accountable. I was SO embarrassed to nurse in public with baby #1 that I even refused to go to these meeting b/c I was scared they would all see how pathetic I was and make fun of me for not knowing what I was doing - so stupid. I go to them often with baby #2 and can assure you everyone is there to help in any way and offer plenty of suggestions.

    -use the Lansinoh brand of Lanolin (the Medela brand is crap in the beginning). The Lansinoh brand is really thick and sticky, but rub it between your fingers or use a hairdryer to "melt" it a little before you apply it to your nips. Here's the key - use it immediately after EVERY feeding. It will keep your nips from cracking and drying out. After about 6 weeks or so when your nips are really tough you can use the Medela brand - if you need it at all.

    -learn the side laying position, it makes everything so much easier. I'm assuming you probably already know this since he's in bed with you now. I just moved Carson to his crib this week (at 6 months) and the only reason I did was because he is becoming mobile. Co-sleeping is so.much.easier. I don't care what anybody says.

    -the engorgement WILL go down. And soon. After both of my deliveries I swelled from a C cup to a EE cup! Thankfully it went away within the first month or so and now I'm back to my regular size.

    -that awful "let down" feeling will stop soon too. For me that was the worst part. But it will eventually lessen and not be uncomfortable.

    -and remember all those great immunities you are giving him! You are protecting him from all those nasty germs off the old lady and little kid hands at the supermarket and church. He needs you! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  105. You've obviously received enough advice at this point (104 comments!) but I wanted to again say that IT GETS BETTER I PROMISE!!! I have a 9 week old baby boy and the first 3 weeks of breast feeding was torture! I remember someone mentioning "toe-curling pain" when describing what it was like to breast feed and let me tell you - they were not kidding. I would finally get through a feeding (curling toes and crying was always involved) and would immediately dread the next. I felt trapped!

    But, but, but...

    It got better. Magically. And it is so very worth it. So please keep going! Just get through these first painful weeks and you will be so glad you did. It's the perfect food for that sweet baby boy, and 3 or 4 weeks of pain is nothing in comparison to the incredible bonding experience you'll have for the next few precious months of his life!

    Beautiful baby, by the way. I have so enjoyed reading your journey. You've been incredibly blessed!

  106. Soo, I feel bad contributing yet another piece of advice after the vast amount you've already received, BUT I was EXACTLY the same way!!!!! It was so painful I cried every.single.time I fed sweet baby girl. I was also pumping like a champ in attempts to build up a huge stockpile and help my milk come in more quickly. Basically every 30 minutes to one hour I had SOMETHING attached to my boob and I couldn't take it. I threw in the towel at 2 weeks and my family was the only thing that got me through it. They were SO incredibly supportive of whatever decision I made and considering I felt like the worst mom IN THE WORLD for giving it up, they reassured me I wasn't. Formula just worked better for me and I knew I couldn't feel guilty about it. MC is almost two and has been the healthiest little girl a parent could ask for. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!!!!

  107. First time commenting :) CONGRATS on your new little man, its a crazy experience, isn't it?? He is SO precious! I had to chime in about first born had a hard time latching and the nurse gave me a nipple shield. SAVED my life!! I know you're not "supposed" to use them the entire time you breastfeed, but I did. For a full year for each of my two babies (who are now 4.5 yrs and 2.5 yrs). Try it out, it just may work for you! Now I'm off to stare some more at your baby's photos, you're giving me serious baby fever here!! Good luck to you momma!

    JC in MN

  108. Also - we gave both of our kids a pacifier within a few hours of them being born. I know they say you're not supposed to due to nipple confusion, but my kids never experienced confusion. I personally recommend giving the bottle soon, if you haven't yet. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for him to accept anything other than the breast. Just my two cents ;)

    JC in MN

  109. Hi there! I found your blog from another friend's blog. First I was to say congrats! Your boy Houston is beautiful!! I'm a momma myself (almost 8mo old) and I say the same thing - no one will ever love my baby as much as I so true! I wanted to leave a comment on breastfeeding because I had similar problems as you are experiencing. Pain - honestly, give it another week or so and it WILL go away. (the only time it returned is when my baby was going thru a growth spurt and would nurse more frequently - but the spurts don't last long!)
    The more you breastfeed the more the nips will toughen up. Cold packs in the bra help a lot! Engorgement - I vividly recall the frustration of this...especially in the middle of the night when you're exhausted and fumbling around in the dark trying to get your baby to latch on to a very full boob -- if they're actually able to get on the end up choking from the flow! I would cry alongside my baby as we tried to figure it out. Some good advice given to me was to pump (just a little) enough to relieve the engorgement, and you may find that Houston has an easier time latching on. Also, even though Houston isn't on the bottle yet, you can freeze the milk so he can use it when he is. This will be a huge help b/c storing up enough milk for bottle feeding is a lot of work! Also, experiment with different nursing positions. I had a difficult time nursing on the left side and found that the football hold made it much easier. I also found nursing on my side lying down in the bed helped prevent some of the engorgement choking my baby would have. Don't give up and don't get discouraged!! In time the pain will subside and nursing/latching issues will most likely be resolved, and you will get to enjoy the truly beautiful connection with your baby. I still breastfeed my 8mo old and find that time just the two of us share so magical.

  110. I am due in November and breastfeeding is causing me the most anxiety! My sister had a terrible time, but she somehow pulled it off and was able to breastfeed for 10 months. No pressure for me, right?

    Whatever you decide to do, you are already a great mom for giving it a shot.

    PS... Houston is adorable!!!

  111. Don't give up!! Breastfeeding is so rewarding for you and your baby. Your milk is the best thing for him and it gives you both such a great and wonderful bonding time!! I breastfeed my daughter for a year and wanted to go longer but it was best she went on regular milk after a year.

    You could try pumping milk and feeding him from a bottle, just remember a bottle is different from your breast but it helps to get him adjusted to both so eventually when you want to go out like church or the store you can give him a bottle. It also gives your boobs a break and helps your milk supply get adjusted.

    When I was overly engorged I would run and pump to relieve the pain. Then I just fed my daughter the milk I pumped and by the next feeding I could BF her.

    You could also try holding your arm above your head and rubbing the sides of your breast with a warm washcloth to relieve some of the pain while feeding and even after feedings. Keep your breast loose and try not to let them get extremely full.

    There were times I would get so full I would wake her to feed her. I also pumped and saved. Meaning pump in between feeds and save the milk in the freezer in case my husband or grandparents had her.

    Don't get discouraged you are doing great!!!!

  112. There are so many posts I didn't have time to read them all but the nurse at my hospital brought me two tea bags let them steep for a few minutes and then put them inside your nursing pads for a little bit. One of the chemicals toughens your nipples. Could be an old wives tale, but the baby didn't mind it and it helped me sooooo much. I'm having baby number two tomorrow and I think I'm going to tea bag it up tonight to prepare. Give it a try :)

  113. Hello! I just found your blog today from someone else's blog I read. I am the mother of 2 little boys (a 2 year old and a 9 month old) and thought I pass along a blog I started for new moms's where I wrote about my struggles with breastfeeding. I had 2 very different experiences and wrote several posts about it. Thought you might like to read as it's always nice to know you're not the only one feeling this way!

    The biggest help that the lactation consultant told me with #2 is that nursing should never hurt. If it hurts when he is eating then that means he isn't latched on correctly. This was like the angels singing. I never knew that with baby #1. So with Baby #2, if it hurt, I would unlatch him and then re-latch until it was pain free, therefore having the correct latch.

    As I'm sure everyone else has said...hang in there! It is SO hard, but it does get easier!! I promise!


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