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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Week! – Packing the hospital bag


I’m running “back home” to Eastern KY today for a quick visit with my parents, some time relaxing pool side, momma’s home cooking and to see my grandfather before this little rascal overtakes our lives and I have no clue when we’ll make the drive down again. I’ll be right back to Lex tomorrow to have some friends over for dinner AND if I make it to Saturday without a baby yet, I’ll get a little shopping done and possibly a mani/pedi, then actually get the hospital bag packed!


I found the perfect color for my pedicure: it’s OPI’s color named “Houston, we have a Purple”




Did you happen to catch the part where I said I’ll be packing the hospital bag at 38 weeks and 1 day? I guess you could say I like to live on the wild side, people. ;)


In the mean time, I find it at least comforting that I have finally, today, got my head together enough to make the list of what to pack. Unless my labor was fast and furious with a chase scene on the way to the hospital making it big screen worthy, I should be able to get my things together based off this list before hitting the road.


I should warn you that I am most definitely an “over packer”. I get made fun of by friends and family alike for the sheer amount of things I feel necessary to take along on trips. Seeing that I based my list off of other people’s “hospital bag list” and hardly think a thing was added that someone else hadn’t already mentioned, I refuse to be made fun of this time! Even if my husband is dragging in 3 suitcases for my 2-3 day stent =)


{It’s also nice to know the hospital is 15 minutes from home and anything left behind should be easily retrieved by one of my sweet, sweet family over those few days if I ask them very sweetly. Hey, someone’s gotta go home to walk the dog anyway!}



***Updated!: I got a TON of EXTREMELY helpful advice from a lot of you out there that has helped me trim the fat off of my list a bit. It may still look like a lot but I guarantee it won’t take up more space than a small suitcase and overnight bag =) And those who laughed at the make-up… momma will have to feel close to death {and I just might!} to go without just a smidge of concealer and a touch of mascara. Natural beauty just isn’t one of my selling points!


My Hospital Bag(s) List:

  • Camera
  • Video Recorder
  • Laptop and/or iPad
  • iPhone
  • chargers and computer connectors for all electronics
  • either some “BIG girl” underwear that I’m told I need to be ok with throwing away or even the Depends disposable underwear… I’m gonna check out the Depends while shopping this weekend! This cracks me up =)

  • socks
  • house slippers
  • PJs and clothes I don’t mind getting ruined
  • robe
  • nursing cover
  • nursing bras {unless I don’t get to go shopping this weekend, in which case I suppose I’ll be winging this one with the old girls I already have!}
  • disposable nursing bra pads

  • flip flops/shoes
  • bath towel {I’m hearing the hospital ones are thin and flimsy}
  • nipple cream!

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • shower gel and puff
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • deodorant
  • lotion
  • eye mask
  • ear plugs {attempting to get some sleep in the hospital}
  • benadryl
  • going home outfit in a 6 month maternity size
  • make-up
  • hair straightener
  • curling iron
  • hair dryer
  • hair clips/rubber bands/ headbands
  • boppy pillow
  • leg contour pillow {I’m addicted!}

  • small pillow to hold
  • my regular pillow
  • personal fan


  • magazines/books
  • games to play/cards
  • snacks/drinks/suckers/hard candy – mostly for Nick since I can’t eat while in labor! Though the suckers and hard candy were recommended by a reader =)
  • notebook to write in
  • baby book to at least get foot/hand prints in when the nurse is already doing them
  • Salonpas patches for muscle aches – my fave!

  • insurance card and IDs
  • change for vending machine
  • fenugreek supplements – suppose to help your breast milk supply

  • prenatal vitamins and DHA
  • baby’s onesies and going home outfit
  • baby caps
  • baby socks and mittens
  • baby blankets
  • pacifiers
  • bag for Nick – I’ll let him take care of this one!
  • breast pump in car in case it’s needed

  • car seat in car – base is in there, just haven’t put the bulky seat in until necessary…


That’s all I know so far! I’d love any advice you have to give on the topic and feel free to link up if you have written your own post on hospital bag packing.


{and check out the ticker at the bottom of the screen – OUR BABY IS BIRTH SIZE AND WEIGHT!!!! Holy Cow!!!!}



  1. wow! that's a long list. I'm nearly 35 weeks and need to get packing soon... I'll come back to re-read your list then ;)

  2. Hahaha...what a list! Sounds like you have everything you are going to need (and maybe more).

    That pump is amazing I can assure you...worth every cent. Good luck in advance, hopefully you have a relaxing weekend and a wonderful visit.

  3. I would like to just second the need for a fan. Once I got my epidural I became SO SO SO HOT! Like unbelievably hot. My husband had to put the temp down to 60 and we had the windows open in a snow storm. haha. FAN IS NEEDED!!!!

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  5. Check out The Always Infinity pads. They are so thin and SUPER absorbant! Use that with the Big girl panties and you will be great. Where I delivered they gave me theses mesh boy short things that I wore for weeks after I delivered and did not feel bad about throwing out. I think the depends might be a little crinkley/loud if you know what I am saying! Also you may also be able to bring your own snacks to the hospital. Also Breakfast is the best meal at the hospital usualy so order TONS!

  6. Wow, your list is really long! Can I make a couple of suggestions? Leave the fenugreek at home. Your supply won't come in for 2-3 days. You will probably be at home when it does. So, that also means you can leave the breast pads at home. Oh, and the hospital will give you Lanolish cream. So leave yours at home and stock up on what the hospital will give you!
    Good luck!

  7. The hospital should give you the disposable underwear. Wear them while you are there and ask for lots to take home. I was actually sad when I ran out. They also gave me pads but they were SOOO thick that I ended up buying thinner ones. Still huge, but thinner. Bring chapstick! Also, I actually packed two bags - one for labor and delivery and then my other stuff. It made it easier when I was telling hubby to get me things from my bag - he had less to sift through :-) Can't wait to see your big news!!!!!! You are just precious pregnant!

  8. I'm definitely placing this post in a safe place...that's so much stuff for such a short stay! But I too am an overpacker so my bag will probably be very similar!

  9. Something I would suggest is maybe some gowns with the 'mittens' already on them, they just kind of fold over. All of the mittens we had wouldn't stay on and Connor ended up with scratches on his face. Connor may have been extra wiggly but it's something to consider. Good luck with everything!

  10. You're going to need a hotel cart to get all of that in the hospital! I tried the medela nursing pads and hated them!! They were super itchy! I prefer the lansinoh ones. Also I wouldn't worry about the Depends. The hospital had these huge pads that have ice packs (lovely huh!?) and I would just wear the underwear they give you because they were really comfy (gross but comfy) I didn't wear my regular period like panties until I got home. I got a couple of the stretchy nursing bras from target and those were perfect until my milk came in to know what size. I would at least buy one size up in your bra. Wow I'm writing a book aren't I? I can't wait for Houston to get here!

  11. I packed a lot too and the main things I needed were: cameras, computers, phones, comfy clothes for me, and toiletries. I never put my slippers on, never used the robe, (didn't breast feed so that stuff was not needed) I had books to read but no time to read them (and the time I did have, I was too excited that I was in labor so I talked everyone's ear off instead of reading) I wouldn't get the depends. Just use the pads and mesh underwear they give you (bring your own what I call "period underwear" just in case). With all the hooplah you are going to go through with the pad, ice pack, foam, tucks etc etc just use what they give you (and take anything left over home!) None of my clothes got that doesn't mean bring your nicest attire, but I was worried about it and nothing got ruined at all. Good luck and I can't wait to read all about his arrival!

  12. Oh my word you're so prepared!! You're going to be such a good mommy :)

  13. Hey, Stephanie! What a list! I'm with Liddia and Ashley... you won't need any of the nursing stuff (except maybe the robe, but you'll be in a hospital gown most of the time) because your milk won't come in until you get home. I would leave any creams, the pump, and the pads at home. Oh and the underwear! Like everyone else said, the hospital underwear is great and they give you pads too. I packed A LOT and I remember thinking as we were leaving, "Well now I know for the next one that I don't need to bring much of anything!" Ha ha! They really will take care of you. And remember to take home all the supplies in your room (diapers, wipes, underwear, pads, EVERYTHING) because they've already charged you for all of it! Can't wait to see pics of Houston!

  14. The hospital pads with built-in ice packs will be your best friend. :) Also, I agree with some of the others. Leave the nipple cream & benadryl @ home. The hospital will give you these. Also, when you get ready to leave swipe a bottle or two of formula from your baby's cart. You probably won't need it, but if you end up having to supplement for some unforeseeen reason (even just for a couple of days...) this is not something you want to have to run out and buy. Don't worry...they expect you to take it!

    Good luck!

    P.S. The nail color is perfect!

  15. Also, the hospitals have those industrial breastpumps, and they supply you with tubing, etc. Just use theirs while your there.

  16. Love that you're an over-packer like me :o) I took a 66lb bag to Seattle for APhA-ASP Annual meeting this year in which I flew directly to Destin, FL at the end of meeting. Packing for 2 completely different climates... It was completely necessary :o)

  17. Seriously???? that much?? I am 34 weeks now, and also thinking what I should pack....

  18. Well I think you probably covered it all haha! This will be a great post for me to look back on in the future!

  19. Wow! The list sure has changed since my last baby 26 years ago! :-)

    (I am however, a serious overpacker any time I travel. I could never ever fly for that reason alone).

  20. I love lists!! I'll keep this one handy for future reference. :) One thing you might want to add is a cute pillow case. It will be in all the pictures, plus you don't want to worry about ruining your nice ones. In fact, you could get one that coordinates with the colors in Houston's nursery, then maybe turn it into a throw pillow one day! Good luck!!

  21. I would bring the nipple cream and pads if I was you. They can get tender from your little man trying to latch on correctly a million times. I'd leave the pump at home because the hospital usually has "hospital grade" pumps there they allow you to use for free, complete with your own pumping items. It's usually Medela, so you won't have to bring your own stuff and can even take them home with you if needed. The day after my son was born, I was able to shower and change into regular clothes, so bring clothes you don't mind getting messy like you said!

  22. Ok, I agree with most other moms on here: you don't need the fungeek, nipple cream (they will provide you with some), nursing pads (your milk won't come in fast enough to need these at the hospital) or pump (they have a hospital grade one if needed) BUT after two kids I will tell you the things I couldn't have lived without: comfy clothes for after delievery. I just bought some cute gowns and pant sets for after I delivered (I couldn't stand the idea of people coming to see me in a icky hospital gown- plus it made me feel better- and nothing ever got ruined) I brought my own "big" panties, I hated the mesh ones, and I brought sleepers for baby #2. With the first baby they put him in hospital onesies (that had clearly been washed) but he broke out in rash. The nurse even told me that I should send hubby home for something that had been washed in baby detergent. Oh! And I brought books/mags with me the first time- you won't have time for that, guarantee it. You will be in labor, or needing to rest and once baby boy is here, you will have no desire to read a book. Promise! All that said (and WHEW, it was more than I thought I would write) you should take everything YOU think will make your stay better. Even if your poor hubby has to drag it all around!

  23. Just my two cents... You won't use half of that stuff! Everything will change, and fast, suddenly things that were important won't matter anymore. The hospital will provide you with basically everything you need for your stay. Normal vaginal delivery stays are 1-2 days! You most likely won't get any sleep. It will be great as long as you have your husband, your baby, everything goes good, and a camera, and clothes to leave in. But I guess you could say i underpack. Good Luck, hope all goes well.

  24. WOW! That's lots of stuff! :) I think other people have already said what I'm about to say, but here's my two cents! Your milk won't come in until you're already home (mine came in about 2 days after we came home) so forget anything milk related. USE the nipple cream! I did every time my son nursed for at least a month and a half. They provided me with some at the hospital, but I still took some. Lansinoh breast pads are the best by the way, but no need for those just yet. I didn't start pumping for about 2 weeks because I didn't want to screw up my milk supply as it was just coming in, so you might want to leave that at home too. They gave me some awesome undies at the hospital. I didn't use a boppy pillow and it's bulky. Honestly, you might want to cut out some things because it's a pain to have all your stuff transferred from the delivery room to the recovery room (unless you're staying in the room you delivered in!) I brought our baby book and jotted down things as we waited, but I totally forgot to get his footprints in there! Bring a manila folder with your insurance stuff, etc. I also brought my maternity leave stuff because a doc had to fill some of mine out. Then I got my husband to fax it to my company so I didn't have to think about it anymore. As for snacks, I wasn't allowed to have anything once they admitted me. I had a popsicle just about every hour for 14 hours and was SO hungry. Eat before you go to the hospital if you can (peanut butter crackers, pudding, cheese stick, etc.) because you can't eat once you get there! Sorry this is so long! Good luck! I can't WAIT to see pics!

  25. What a great list! Personally, Depends were my best friend! I tore some and bled a lot and wore them for about 2 weeks after my birth. You probably won't need them at the hospital cause they'll supply all that, but don't wait to shop until after if you want 'em--you won't feel like doing anything except stare into the eyes of your precious Houston! Also, "Tucks" pads are amazing for relieving a sore perinium. You just put them in your underwear right on top of a maxi pad or Depend to relieve swelling and pain "down there". I'd also echo the need for chapstick, a fan, a hairbrush, and all those pillows!!

    Blessings to you 3!


  26. The fan is a great idea- I got so hot during contractions that I made my husband go steal a box fan from somewhere on the floor and it made a Huge difference!

  27. i had THREE bags, one was a rolling huge suit case and i never used anything in there besides the extra clothes and bath essentials. I delivered my daughter sunny side up and could barely get around to putting my makeup on, blowdrying my hair or even hardly showering. I didnt need the breast pads bc my milk didnt come in until two days later and i dont remember reading but you MUST have a boppy! it was the best thing i took with me! i also had a personal fan and my husband fanned me ALL through labor it especially helped when my epidural didnt take ha! I wouldnt have gotten through labor if i didnt have that fan haha!

  28. You've got a very good list there! I'm an over-packer too ;) You never know what you're going to need/want!

    One thing I'd recommend for you to take to labor/delivery is suckers! I labored a long time with each of our four kids and they will only give you some ice chips while you're in food or water (at least that's what my hospital did). I get very sick in the final stage of labor so I probably wouldn't have eaten anything even if they'd allowed it, just in case! YUCK! I'm normally not a candy person, but suckers were allowed and kept me from feeling too hungry. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

  29. Holy cow girl, are you really taking all of that?!?!?!? For real?

    I don't know what everyone else has said, but take your underwear knowing they will more than likely provide you with underwear (that is like fish net) with a huge pad that goes inside. Gross.....I know, but you'll see why.

    Hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron. Sorry, I have to laugh. You may very well use it, but I just think about how tired I was and how sore I was. Of course, my son was awake from 2 til 7 the night after he was born.

    I would say be careful about taking too much, because leaving the hospital with your new bundle of joy can feel like an extra 5 bags. Not because it is bad, but because it is the new, the unknown and you are very protective.

    You will have plenty of time. I didn't pack mine till the week before, then Bennett ended up being 10 days late.

    Anyways, I will stop going on and on, because we all have our own experiences.

  30. Super exciting! We have never met, and you don't know me from adam, but I am so excited for you!!! I agree with the other ladies, the hospital will give you disposable undies. They made me sweat, but were great! And the nipple cream and breast pads will be supplied by the hospital should you need those. Good call on the pillows! That is the only thing that allowed me good sleep! You might also tell your hubs to pack a pillow and blanket! My hubs forgot his and spent the first night on the couch under his coat (we had a February baby) with no pillow! HA! Also, ask the hospital for as much Epifoam as possible!!! our hospital was stingy with it, but I asked every nurse there for some on the advice of friends, and I was SO glad I did!!! Stuff is a life saver!!! And make sure your pump is charged or has batteries. ;)

  31. I'm due the same day as you with a little girl and I love this post! I think you are spot on with your list because you never really know what you will need! I'm linking up with this post as soon as I get mine done! Super funny thing, I actually have Houston, We Have a Purple on my toes right now and I LOVE IT!!! Good luck, I can't wait to hear about Houston's birth and see pictures!

  32. It sounds like you have it all covered! Amen to the Lansinoh cream and big girl underwear-although, save yourself the hassle and just use the mesh underwear they provide! ;) They will actually provide the nipple cream too. The ear plugs probably won't help much-you will be bothered constantly by the nurses!
    I had a great labor and delivery bag packed, and didn't need half of it this time, because my labor was super fast!
    One thing I packed this time was a snack bag for my husband. We both ended up snacking out of it during our hospital stay!
    Good luck to you!

  33. Ditto, ditto, ditto what everyone else said. The mesh underwear+ice packs are AMAZING. I didn't bring a fan because they basically adjusted the room to be an ice box for me and made everyone else suffer :) We made sure to bring extra warm clothes for DH, though. Also, I was so tired/sore it was all I could do to shower and wash my hair - there was very minimal makeup, and certainly no styling of the hair. I wouldn't worry about a nursing cover, either - the babe will be nursing so frequently and you'll have a lot of nurses/lactation consultants helping you that there isn't much hiding there :) I tried to be very minimal and I still brought twice as much as we actually used. If I was awake, I wanted to just hold DD and maybe watch TV, so I didn't read anything or write anything. DD's baby book is a binder, so I brought the single page they could put her hand and footprints on.

  34. The Lansinoh pads are the BEST out there- trust me. I would not use a pump that soon, but I had to when Evan went to NICU and couldn't nurse for 2 days. I hated that my milk came in with that thing! You may need a u-haul to leave the hospital ;) I also took a co-sleeper, cause it freaks me out to have the baby in the plastic thing. I love to snuggle.

  35. You have a good list there.

    I didn't pack my bag until 38 weeks and my daughter arrived at 38 weeks, 3 days. I overpacked for the hospital. My labor was so fast I didn't use my ipod, popsicles, really anything I brought.

    They give you these diposible undies to wear that are great in the hospital. I didn't wear my own until I went home. They also give you nipple cream and you shoudn't need nursing pads while you in the hospital because your milk will most likely not come in until after your home. They also have a pump if they think you need one, but most people don't.

    I did use my makeup and such but lived in nightgowns. No regular clothes until I went home. Newborns suckle so much it's best to just have your breast readily available. Also, as far as nursing bras, don't go crazy. I grew another cup size once my milk came in.

  36. Hi! Just randomly found your blog and wanted to comment! I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and your list looks a lot like mine did :)

    I was in the hospital for 5 days and as sicknast as it sounds, I only showered once. There's so much going on that the last thing you really think about is showering. I also wore Depends and they were okay. It was kind of awkward when I had visitors because it clearly looked like I had a diaper on!

    You may want to check and see if your hospital has a breast pump. Mine had a Medela and they let me keep it in my room (and take home all of the spare parts!). They also provide pads and nipple cream.

    Hmmm, what else?!

    OH! I also took make up remover/facial wipes. Chapstick is a must. And and AND you may want to take your own toilet paper, after all of the drama your vag goes through you want to at least treat it to some good TP :)

    Good luck, I will be stalking your blog to see when your little meatball arrives!

  37. I agree with what a lot of people said. You don't need the depends in the hosp. The underwear they provide are excellent and I took them home. Also, you should buy some tucks pads and docusate for once you get home. I bought some nursing tanks from Target and loved them. I wore them in the hosp with comfy pants. It's the way to go, in my opinion! Good luck!

  38. Out of all the things I packed here are a few things that I actually used! LOL! Like you I am an over packer!!

    Lasinoh nipple cream!!!!

    I really liked the hospital pads, but the overnight pads from Kotex worked great too.

    LOTS of clothes for baby, and blankets


    nursing bras

    tight but stretchy underwear to keep the pad in place


    I am sure there are a lot more items that I really used a lot, but I gotta run!!! You are totally gonna rock this birth!!!

  39. I found that those breast pads leak leak.. so if you find that too, I use the Lilypadz there are great!!! You can get them at Motherhood Materity or Ebay.
    Also, where did you find a fan like that??

  40. I've actually heard from friends to bring your own roll of toilet paper...for you AND hubby!

  41. Don't worry about the disposable underwear or pads, the hospital provides all the mesh panties and pads you will ever need and they send plenty home with you as well! The hospital also provides Lansinoh (it's free and believe me you'll spend plenty on it when you get home, take all the free stuff you can get) :) I also didn't use the onesies I brought for my daughter because their cord is still on and the nurses advise not putting them in anything that will rub across it. She was in the tiny white hospital shirt and diapers the whole time. I did use the mittens, socks and hats though. Definitely bring some lip balm, you'll need it. The only thing I can think of that I didn't bring is a good pen! I know that sounds weird but you will be filling out about 500 forms and it got so annoying having to ask the nurses for a pen (plus you don't know who's yucky hands have been on them) and they were those flimsy bic ones that run out easily. Weird item to pack but believe me you'll use it! Good luck, I know you'll do great!

  42. Nipple cream is a MUST, but I found that Lansinoh brand does not go on very smooth...Medela brand worked much better, not near as thick. Lansinoh was like trying to rub on wax...YIKES!

  43. Have your husband bring Advil/Tylenol or whatever he might want/need for meds. The hospital can only give stuff to you, the patient. Also, unless you know exactly how big your little boy is, bring two different sized outfits. My daughter ended up being a peanut and looked like a clown in the outfit we brought to bring her home because it was too big! And steal EVERYTHING you can get your hands on! Especially formula in case you need it. My milk didn't come in for 4 days so it helped with jaundice. And finally get nursing bras that are a cup or two bigger than you are right now. That's how much you will increase once your milk comes in.

  44. Not that you need anymore advice, but I had one thing to add!! WIth my first son I took a ton of clothes for him but didn't use more than the one outfit we took him home in. Then with my second son I took one outfit to bring him home in and he pooped all over it!! So he got to come home in a hospital shirt, not the end of the world, but take at least 2 outfits! Take whatever you feel comfortable with, I took all my makeup and hair stuff and used it all three times. As soon as they let me I took a shower and got cleaned up and just felt much better when people came to visit. Yes, you will be loving on your brand new baby, but labor is messy and you will likely want to get cleaned up!
    Make sure to enjoy every minute! I love that time in the hospital with people coming to visit and just being able to show off your new baby!

  45. Um, I just have to say...the hospital underwear ROCKS! After my first baby I thought people were crazy when they said this. I just had baby number three last summer and I tell ya...I LOVE the mesh hospital undies. I even searched online for more. Haha! Great list! Good luck!

  46. I agree with lansinoh pads....but instead of nursing bras, I liked a Cami with a button up over shirt. It allows a little more coverage when the thousands of nurses are coming through :)

  47. Ah, I can't wait to see your little one! :)

  48. Holey smokes! That's a lot of stuff! I had my bag packed but my water broke at work and I went straight to the hospital. My MIL had to bring it the next day!

    I never even thought of depends, that's such a good idea, probably better than those giant pads.

    Best of Luck to you!

  49. here's a thought... have you taken a tour of the l&d ward? if not and you want to, i would make a list of questions for the nurse to ask what the hospital provides. that may cut down your list some.

    also, i got soooo hot, and my hospital brought in an oscillating fan for my room. everyone else was freezing, but i loved it! ha!

  50. Oh my gosh, I love your blog !! You are so sweet and so funny !! That packing list of yours is cracking me up !!! My first baby came before I could pack, so I had nothing with me, but the awesome thing is that the hospital has EVERYTHING you could possibly want and more. My husband ended up bringing me a few things from home after my daughter was born. My make - up, hair brush, pony tail holders, night gown and a few things for my daughter. I didn't even have a going home outfit for her. My sweet sister in law bought one for me and brought it to the hospital and it was perfect. So, just in case you sweet boy is born before you finish packing...there is no reason to fret about it, you and he will be perfectly taken care of. Blessings to you both and can't wait to see precious pictures soon. Elizabeth

  51. Okay, I will keep this short and sweet. I have had 3 babies and by the third I brought cute, comfy pjs and gowns(I felt so much more pulled together in my own gowns), nursing bras, makeup, razor and tolietries. I had a csection and still got up the next day to put a little makeup on. We had LOTS of visitors who took LOTS of pictures and I looked so much better in baby#3 pics than in the au naturel baby#1 pics. Also, I washed my hair and straightened it the day I went into the hospital and I just put it in a ponytail on day #2 when I took my shower so that I didn't have to redo it and it still looked great. But then again I usually wash mine every other day anyway. Def bring your own baby clothes but I agree hospital pads and mesh underwear are perfect. I was happy I brought my boppy b/c it covered my incision when I nursed and helped with positioning(and you never know what kind of delivery you will end up with). Hope this helps a little! I am getting excited for you!!)

  52. Your list is wonderful, no one should make fun of you :). Another thing that helped...more suggestions, I know... was this FABULOUS nursing tank top: It's AMAZING! It's snug fitting (get your normal size) so it sucks your belly in, it has removable thin pads that provide extra leak protection, AND if you're nursing with others around and you have to pull your shirt up, this tank top is there to cover your belly so you're not hanging out all over the place! PURE GENIOUS! (I didn't wear a bra for 6 months with this thing!). Best of luck!

  53. I must say you are an over-achiever! I did teh same with my first, and didn't come close to using HALF of what I packed. With that being said, I noticed you scratched Benadryl off your list. If the IV tapes and hospital bracelets make you itch like they did with me (even developed a small rash), you may want to pack it. I paid $75 for a tube of benadryl cream the first go-around! Beyond RIDICULOUS!

    And I suggest baby nail files over the mittens. I think they look silly IMO, but those babies sure do have long nails when they enter the world!

  54. Sounds like you're ready!!! I also packed a canister of Dermaplast topical analgesic. Great stuff after any natural delivery!!

  55. Someone might have already said this but at the hospital they pack diapers (just the regular disposable one baby has) with ice and it is HEAVEN. I wouldn't worry about any nursing bras or anything because my milk didn't come in until I was home. A soft cami with built in bra was best for me. I would bring the nipple cream though - I didn't like the kind the hospital had. I also brought my own comfy clothes and I felt SO much better that way. I straightened my hair the night before I went in (I had a scheduled induction - hopefully you won't!) so I didn't have to worry about my hair much. Reading all the comments are bringing back memories! My little girl is turning one next month already. How is that possible when it seems like I was just making my own list for the hospital???

  56. Did you mention baby nail clips?? Perhaps my kid was the only one that came out with claws?? My sis had to bring me a nail file because Carsyn kept scratching her face and I was terrified of clipping her little delicate fingernails. Just a thought.. Didn't see anyone mention that.

    Also, yes the lansinoh pads are the best I've used and no you probably will not quite need them in the hospital. I read about bamboobies but never got around to trying them. As far as nursing bras the bravado is so comfortable (have you been to mother nurture?), but if you get so sick of the not so sexy nursing bras check out you lingerie. Good luck with everything momma!

  57. need for toilet paper unless you have a c-section. I used the squirt bottle for a good 6 weeks!!! Good luck :)

  58. I agree with taking the Boppy to the hospital. It was perfect for many things...nursing, little hands holding my new baby and I occasionally sat on it myself (had a bad tear). The hospital will give you pads with ice in them...AH-MAZING. Swpie plenty to take home with you unless you know where to order them. Also as an insurance agent I can verify that you are charged for everything that enters your room. Keep It! Make friends with the nurses to give you extra things like pacifiers, strechy boy shorts, diapers, etc. Also, my other item to pack: cheap-o shower shoes. Think dorm shower.

  59. I think your list is awesome!! My milk came in the day I was leaving the hospital. I took nursing pads and wore them the whole time. Even before your milk comes in you still have colostrum that can leak. Just my opinion. I also used my hair straightener and make up :) Lots of pictures will be made!! Also I wouldn't wait 2 weeks to start pumping. I waited with my son and didn't have near as much milk as I do this time with my daugther and I started pumping with her the week we came home. Good Luck!! Can't wait to see pictures of sweet Houston!!


I just shared my thoughts, I'd love to hear you share yours! {Besides, I'm tired of listening to the voices in my head.} I kid, I kid... ;)