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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

having a ball on the way to having a baby

 While I'm EXTREMELY excited and almost ready for the arrival of our little one, I'm trying to soak up and enjoy the last month or so left in this pregnancy instead of wishing it away. It's a weird mix of feelings to be almost fed up with this big belly and aching bones, but on the verge of tears to imagine it gone with no more little baby kicks or hiccups left to feel. We've got a lot finished latelyin preparation for baby and my stress is lightening with each passing day and freeing me up for more fun - which is good, because we've had a lot of opportunities to have fun lately =)

Last Thursday night, we went to an impromptu party celebrating the engagment of these two, Ginny and Andrew, two of my favorite people in the entire world.

To say I'm thrilled for them, especially sweet Ginny, is an understatement!


Britney, Ginny and me... Britney brought them the hats their wearing in the first picture!


Then the hats made their rounds and ended up in one of the cutest pictures of the night. Britney's little girl, Kennedy, was having a blast with all the dogs {6 total!} at Andrew's house.


Saturday night we went out with several of my work peeps who are always a fun bunch to shoot the breeze with. The only picture I got of the night was of Nick with his teacup and Curious George lunch box.


Should I explain that one of our friends had their 5 year old daughter with them who absolutely adored Nick and wanted to share all her belongings with him {as well as writing a note to him that he was a failure for not coloring a page as she had requested - hilarious!} or just let you think these are Nick's usual personal items he brings with him to Mexican restaurants?

Sunday afternoon we had a day of painting some very special pottery at the Mad Potter. An enormous piggy bank painted with love by Mommy and Daddy for baby Houston will be fired and ready for his nursery soon - I can't wait to pick it up!♥



Since all this fun has happened this past weekend, it's been back to work both at home and at the money maker.

My main job at home the last few days: curtain maker extraordinaire.

Okay, maybe not the extraordinaire part since I didn't stitch the first stitch... but I will say that at least 10 hours have went into making the 2 pairs of curtains I'm about to show you!

For all the sewing challenged out there, this stuff is M-A-G-I-C. This non-sewer has even hemmed her own pants with this stuff:

The new curtains made by moi in the dining room:


I even installed grommets and all!
{Yes I am strangely proud of my small accomplishments...}

The fabric used on the dining room curtains was originally ordered for the nursery.


The colors, the pattern - it didn't "go". I would call it disastrous except I've been wanting new curtains in the dining room for a while and I'm loving this quirky fabric in there.

Guilt demolished by a new found use for failed fabric choice, but back to the drawing board for the nursery.

Finished with looking for something unique that would turn out to be another big fail, I ordered the same fabric that the crib bumper and skirt were made of and hoped it wouldn't be overkill.


I love them!... you can see one of them here in this little nursery sneak-peak. You'll have to wait to the final reveal to see the pair together.


This space is quickly becoming our favorite room in the house. I've even found a certain Mr. Someone chilling in the glider and surfing the web on his iPad several times in here! It is quite adorable to see him hanging out in the nursery and I'm sure the sweet factor will be multiplied to infinity when I see him in the same chair with our son♥

2 BABY SHOWERS TO GO THIS WEEKEND!! and a recap of the precious shower the lovely, recently engaged, Ginny, threw for me coming up.


  1. That sneak peek of the nursery is to die for. Love the little baseball tee on the wall. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

    P.S. love your blog, you are just too cute

  2. I love the sneak peek of the nursery! So cute! And your curtains look like they were made to order for that room...that's awesome that it worked out that way, eh?

    Looking forward to your future posts! Enjoy this last month (give or take) with just your hubby too...there's something so special about the days before baby with your hubby. :)


  3. The nursery looks so cute! I can't wait to see the other side. I JUST bought and used Stitch Witchery for the first time today and was thinking about writing a blog post about my new favorite discoveries and including it. I used it to hem a couple skirts with patterns/fabrics that didn't look right when I hand sewed them. I also tried a little arts and crafts project, but that was a big FAIL. I don't know if my fail recovery will be as cute as your dining room curtains.

  4. Loving the baseball hats for the bride & groom! My MIL made me a Cardinals hat with a veil to wear for our wedding rehearsal! Can't wait to see more of Houston's room!

  5. I love the curtains that ended up in the dining room--very cute fabric. I also think it is so sweet that your hubby hangs out in the nursery--I can see mine begin to do that in near future as well. Happy nesting and having fun before baby!

  6. That doggie in the picture with Kennedy looks exactly like my dog. I have been wanting to take my hubby to the Mad Potter for forever. We live so close to it, I can't believe I haven't taken him.

    Btw, your curtains look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I want to learn how to sew, but I don't know how. I need to check out that stuff.

  7. I love those curtains! That fabric is gorgeous and turned out well in the dining room. I can't wait to see more of the looks like it came straight from a magazine! Good luck with every thing!

    P.S. I'm having a great give away if you're interested! ;)

  8. I love both sets of the new curtains! They both go perfectly in their new homes...I would have never thought the dining room curtain fabric was originally intended for another room--they match perfectly!!

  9. I'm a recent follower from Lexington as well! Love, love the Chevron curtains and everything else in the nursery sneak peek! Those hot air balloons are gorgeous! My husband and I ran across them in NC awhile back and absolutely loved them! Can't wait to see the rest!

  10. Love, love, love your dining room curtains! They look amazing!

  11. The curtains are perfect in the dining room. And, I love stitch witchery; it's heaven-sent.
    Can't wait to see the rest of the nursery, but the judging by the pic, it's looks cute. :-)

  12. Way to go on making the Curtins!! Oh and I totally love the sneak peak of the nursery..can't wait ot see more :)

  13. Love that pic of your friends at the top! Y'all are some gorgeous babes!! I just knew your nursery was going to be fabulous-can't wait to see the big reveal!

  14. I love the nursery curtains! They look great!

  15. I am totally impressed with your curtains! You should be so proud. It looks like the nursery is coming together very well! I am so excited to see the pictures from your showers :)

  16. Love the nursery! And the piggy bank idea is presh! Great job on the curtains. I wish I could do some crafty stuff like that :)

  17. The nursery looks great! I can't wait to see the rest. It sounds like you're ready for baby!

  18. Sounds like you are having a blast before baby and love the curtains in your nursery! They are too cute!

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