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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a plethora of tidbits about our life lately – and a giveaway winner


Okay – so this little blog post is about to be fast and furious. My Pepsi buzz is about to run out, which means the little bit of brain function I have left is about to skidoodle out of here as well.

{and don’t judge the pregnant woman drinking Pepsi, K? I could not have made it home from work, cleaned up, cooked dinner, ran to church, taught a class of energetic 4-year-olds, come home, eat the dinner I cooked earlier but didn’t get to taste, walk the dog and NOW blog… so yes, every now and then, I need my caffeine jolt – pregnant or not.}



Speaking of the 4 year old bible class I’m teaching – I’m learning  a lot about kids from this class, including the fact that I know much more about dogs than children. Do they mind when I make the same funny noises to get their attention that I do to call my dog? I don’t think so. And hey – it works. Though I still can’t get them to sit as well as I can with the dog…



So what’s new, you say?


A few things:


Last Friday, Houston and I began our journey into the 6 month of this pregnancy. Which officially sounds somewhat far along to me. Which officially started my “OhMyGosh I haven’t been reading the baby books and the nursery is still a guest bedroom/junk room and I have nothing even remotely ready for this child!!!”

Join me in my anxious panic, will you? I have to say it’s a fun one because even in the swirl of chaos that is getting ready for this baby and the unknown, I am so full of joy and excitement.


A quick pic of the little field goal kicker and I at 24 weeks:




Livin’ large from the front these days too:





New to the pregnancy journey this month: absolute brain farts and carpal tunnel.

My brain has officially left the building, folks. If it were still here, I could reminisce with you over all the stupid things I’ve done lately, but I can’t quite remember all of them. One that’s still fresh in my memory… changing clothes after work to go walk the dog and realizing just before stepping out that I forgot to put on any pants.

True story.

As for the carpal tunnel, my hands decided to swell a bit last week which apparently puts some pressure on that carpal tunnel thingy making my hands and wrists ache and tingle – does that happen to let me off the hook for not blogging much lately?



I also had my “first Mother’s Day” this week which I was pleasantly surprised with since foolish me thought I wouldn’t have a first Mother’s Day till my child arrived on the scene. Go figure?!

Let me tell you ladies, my husband set the bar high for all Mother’s Days to come. I’m not sure he thought it through to that point, but I was one happy woman! Breakfast in bed, then lunch brought to my work, the exact dinner I asked for when I got home followed with frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. It was perfection.

{BTW – Nick wanted to take me out to dinner, but I told him I was dying for a bowl of Lucky Charms. This is why I said “exact dinner I asked for” even though he thought I was insane!}

I may have even been lavished with orchids, my favorite double doozie cookie from the American Cookie Company, AND a diamond necklace.



Get back, ladies – HE’S MINE!! ;)




And to wrap up this crazy post, WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!

Thanks to all of you sweet people who voted, I won runner-up in the competition. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP and I’m sure the March of Dimes truly appreciates it too. Together we raised $450!!!!


and the winner is…

Sonya – from “A Day in the Life

Congrats, Sonya! Please email me your street address to

robertslove {at} live {dot} com

and I’ll get your $50 VISA gift card right out to you ASAP!


Now time to hit the sack with my hubby who’s already been snoozing since 7:00! Poor tired man – should’ve had a Pepsi…. =)


  1. Stephanie, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Glad to hear everything is going well with Houston (and I love the name)!

  2. you are completely adorable....also sorry to say Carsyn is almost 8 months old and I'm still lucky to remember to put on pants! just last week I went to the grocery in my hubby's crocs. of course mine are almost as large and they sit right next to eachother by the front door.

    also, don't panic about your nursery-I'm sure you'll have it all together soon, but if it makes you feel better half of my stuff didn't come in until Carsyn was about 6 weeks old and honestly I didn't need it til then anyway.

  3. You teach Bible class? Go you! And a heads up- anything past 5 pregnancies and the brain fart is permanent. ;)

  4. I had carpel tunnel when I was preggers too & I totally recommend getting a wrist brace for it or it just gets worse and worse until you can't feel your hand at all! I took too long to get mine and I had absolutely NO feeling in my hands for my entire pregnancy. It sucks! But I promise those wrist braces totally help.

  5. You look great!!!! So stinkin cute.

  6. You look amazing! I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant. :)

    And I would say that hubby did very, very well for Mother's Day, good for you!!!

  7. you look amazing! And wow he deff. did set the bar high but enjoy it!

  8. Wow what a sweet Mother's Day! I love your blog and am your newest follower :) I hope you'll share the love by following me too at

  9. You are so cute! I don't think I've commented before, so, Hi! I love the card your hubby gave to you :) It's so something I would pick out. And I am obsessed with double doozies!! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. What a good hubby! And yes, he now has to top this every single year! BEAUTIFUL necklace. Glad you had a good first Mother's Day!

  11. You, my love! Are too cute!!! Pregnancy suits you. Good luck with the carpel tunnel...that started about this time for me too and lasted until about a month after I popped the kiddo out! Craziness....

  12. You have got to tell us where you are buying your clothes! You always look adorable!

  13. i have been thinking the same thing! By the way you look so cute in the maternity clothes! where do you go shopping?

  14. You look great! Love the name Houston btw.

  15. You are still looking fabulous. And my, what a sweet husband. You are one lucky lady

  16. You are seriously adorable... and you're cracking me up! Totally NOT judging you for your pepsi - sometimes you gotta do what you have to, and every doctor has said caffine is fine in moderation. I am sorry about your brain farts, my sister had that same problem. But hey, at least you're cute & preggo! So exciting!

  17. You look gorgeous! I hope I can make pregnacy look that good someday! :)

  18. You still look adorable! I had a cup of coffee a day once I hit the second tri with Bailey. I couldn't keep up with K without it!

  19. What a special Mother's Day! Love your shirt in the pics- where did you get it?

  20. Max still doesn't have a nursery and he's just fine so don't panic! Enjoy every minute of it!!!

  21. Hi there! I just happen to stumble across your blog this last week and am addicted! :-) Me and my husband are about to start trying to conceive, so it was fun reading through all your posts. Such a cute preggo! Off subject, I have to ask...what color are the walls in the room you took your belly shot in? I am in L.O.V.E. with it and am not a huge blue fan, need to snatch me up some of that color in case our future holds a baby boy! I like that there is gray in it? Thanks much in advance and congrats on your little baby boy :-)

  22. hi, first time visitor here! so i'm not sure yet how far along you are, but i'd like to point out that it's super unfair you look so great.

    i'm a pretty small person and when i was pregnant my face and entire midsection were just huge and wide and puffy and awful. so yay for you!

    cute blog!


  23. You look great and what a nice gift! I did send you my email address since I was the gift card winner! I'm so excited!

  24. How precious are you? Just found your blog and I must say that it's quite lovely:).

  25. I ran across your blog today- love it! Loved what you said about your dog and 4 year olds. :)

  26. You are so cute!! And such a sweet gift!! Enjoy!!

  27. The necklace is beautiful!! What a sweet husband/soon to-be father!


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