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Friday, April 22, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things…


I’ve been meaning to share a few of these little lovelies with you forever now, so I decided to put them all together in one post, just for your enjoyment ;)

{If I had a show like “Oprah’s Favorite Things” where she gives out the most luxurious gifts to everyone in her studio audience, but instead I gave out some of these items… I’m sure it would be the lowest rated television show EVER to air. But I’m simple – and POOR compared to Oprah – so here’s my list anyway!!}


Tresseme FreshStart Dry Shampoo – I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this stuff. Anything that can help me wash my hair only every other day is my best friend. My routine: lift the hair at the roots wherever I feel need some cleanliness, spray this magic can, let it dry a couple minutes, then comb it out. I also flat iron/curl my hair for the day before I spray this – I’ve found my hair doesn’t respond well to the heat after spraying. I’ve even thought my hair looked BETTER on some of the days I’ve used this than when it was clean!!!

Sanitas – much like Danskos… they’re ugly, they’re even kind of expensive?!, but they are so WORTH IT. If you stand all day for a living, or work in the health profession, you’ve probably already heard of these… maybe even sport a pair daily to work like me. Forget fashion at work, for my 12 hour days, I need comfort!


Loreal Voluminous - I’ve been using this mascara since high school! I’ve tried many others in between, but always run back to my first love. It’s the bomb, y’all ;)


Maternity pants – why would I ever go back?! I love the full paneled ones too… it’s like built in spanx with never a possibility of muffin top or plumber’s crack! I’m just sayin’, don’t be surprised when I’m still wearing these things 2 years later with no bun in the oven…


McDonald’s Sweet Tea – it’s big, it’s delicious, it’s $1… ‘nuff said.


I don’t remember a time in my life before chapstick. It is my addiction. I kid you not when I estimate there are probably 20+ tubes in different spots around my house and in my car, not to mention in almost every coat pocket. Ask Nick about the panic if I find I’m out without a single tube!


VersaSpa – some you sweet folks email from time to time asking what I do for a tan. Since I’m of the pale persuasion and uninterested in skin cancer – I spray tan and love it =) {Secret side note: I’ve even got Nick in there a few times and even he doesn’t mind it.} When I can’t get out to Versa, I sometimes rub on a little Banana Boat self tanner and of course, my daily make-up routine always includes bronzer… which I will admit I can go a little overboard with at times!


Fruit Pizza – morning, noon, and night!


Traveling with my love – which is thankfully, coming up again soon♥



This little guy, who looks to be chilaxin’ just like his pops is above. He is really starting to pump up the volume on his movements and I am L.O.V.I.N.G. it!!!! It’s even more amazing to feel him from the outside, letting me know it’s not just my tummy grumbling for food again ;) We’re still trying to get him to move for his daddy – the day he feels our little one too will be such a happy one!



Last but not least and especially not as special as these others just because I don’t have pictures: finally a weekend away from work {hallelujah!}, off for the holiday, and spending some quality time with those crazy family members we love so dearly.


Let the weekend begin – with a massage in 1 hour!!!!



  1. I LOVE Versa Spa!! :) I am going this evening!! Congratulations on the baby boy! SOOOOoo exciting!

  2. Great post! I love reading about other people's favorite things!!!! Fruit pizza is way tops on my list too!! And too funny about the maternity pants...but oh so true!!!

    Happy Easter! you are blessed!

  3. Look at his Sweet little arm waving at his Mom!! Too Cute!! I cant wait to have a baby waving at me!
    I also LOVE Versa.. the color is fantastic! but sadly I dont get to do it often ($$ And I plan my whole day around it when I do, since I cant shower, and I feel stinky afterwards- pretty much ruins my day!)
    Fruit Pizza, YUM! I havent had that in years!! I think I will make it soon!! Do you have a recipe?
    And funny thing that you posted about the Dry shampoo. I was about to do a post of how much I dont like it! I think I must be doing something wrong! I have wanted to try it for years, but it was always only expensive brands, and I just couldnt shell out the money. So I finally bought some with this new line... but everytime I use it, my hair feels even greasier than before, just now with a buildup up gunk I just sprayed in it.. I tried the Suave one recently (cheaper and smells great!) but it had the same effect..?
    Maybe my hair just doesnt like it.. or maybe my hair is already too greasy. Any ideas?

    Sorry that was too long!

  4. I have been meaning to try a dry shampoo, but didn't know what kind to get. I will have to try that! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Now I want some fruit pizza! :)
    Cori at ILoveLucyJean

  5. LOVE the TRESemme dry shampoo. It is a TOTAL lifesaver sometimes! The only thing I don't like is the smell (and that it makes my hair look gray until I brush it out...weird(. So I just spray a little leave-in conditioner that smells nice and problem solved!

  6. I am totally with you regarding wearing maternity pants post-pregnancy. They are just so comfortable! What's your favorite pair? Currently I'm loving my full panel sexy boot cut from Gap.

    Also, I've been hesitant to try dry shampoo, but maybe I'll give Tresemme a go!

  7. I am so jealous about the McDonalds Sweet Tea! I live in Oregon and we don't have that here... probably a good thing since I'd get them all the time! Cute post!! I love Versa Spa too... spray tans are the best invention!!

  8. I just vlogged about my first versa spa experience-so far so good! I lived on mcd's sweet tea when I was pregnant. Great list. Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I am so gonna try the dry shampoo. I've never even heard of it. Duh!
    Also, that fruit pizza is calling my name.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. nice story... good product shared. good luck!
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  11. Hey I am new here to your blog! Love it, and can I just say that I pretty much LOVE (wait not pretty much I totally LOVE) all the things here. Although I can't speak on the maternity jeans but I am sure they rock as well! I actually have not tried this dry shampoo but I have heard GREAT stuff about it. Silly me, I bought the expensive bumble and bumble one and I hear this one is just as good if not better. On my list of things I need at CVS..along with razors and conditioner. Yeah, I guess you didn't need to know that. Whatev, anyway so new follower here!

  12. I've tried many dry shampoo's and that one is definitely my favorite! Bonus points for it being the cheapest, too, because I go through it like like whoa. :)

  13. LOVE that dry shampoo too!!
    Question: Did you go to baby belly in Lex to find out gender? If so how far along were you?
    I am DYING to find out the gender of my twins and if I do not get an ultrasound at my 16 week apt. I was going to go there.

  14. I love Versa!! Have you done it since getting pregnant? I am 13 weeks and am in a wedding in June... I am dying to not look so pale but haven't checked with my doctor yet to see if it is safe or not.

  15. I will have to try your dry shampoo. I HAVE to wash my hair every day or it is just yucky. Also, on a day when you're both going to be home, get up and eat something, then crawl back in bed with your baby-daddy and get still. Best chance ever of him copping a feel. :)

  16. Yay! Another Chapstick addict! I'm always glad to hear there are lots of us in the world. ;)

    Also, I gave you a blogger award:

  17. There's a brand of dry-shampoo at Sally's that I loooove- it makes my hair super bouncy and awesome :) I thought I'd give that tresemme kind a shot since I love their hairspray, but it made my hair feel WORSE? I don't know, but I'm so glad it worked for you!

  18. I want to see you pale. It looks good and young you know! I loved the full panel maternity pants too. My belly was always cold!

  19. I may never go back to regular maternity pants again! Are you spraying tanning while PG? I'm too nervous b/c of the chemicals!

  20. Yes...chapstick and a good tan! ;)

  21. I had no idea that dry shampoo even existed! Thats awesome....I gotta check that out! And I 150% agree about the stretchy waisted preggy pants. Love them! I was looking at maternity clothes the other day just for fun....and I just had a baby! I feel like I didn't know about the stores that carried m. clothes when I was pregnant and now I'm finding out which ones do AFTER the baby! Oh for thought for next time!

    Thanks for sharing. And by the way, if you had a show....I'd watch it. ;) I think most people like practical and affordable....of which Opera is neither. ;-)


  22. Happy Easter to your ever-growing family. Enjoy your much-deserved massage! :-)


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