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Thursday, March 03, 2011

I’ll keep you my pretty little secret… or not.


A few of you already know and a few of you don’t, but I have had a little secret.

A very public anonymous secret.

Sounds fun, no?



I had a little blog to document our journey to parenthood. A time when I had no idea what the future held, how to get started, what to do next, and a time in which every decision involved lots and lots of research on my part.

{No, procreating does not usually involve such things, but I’m a little too inpatient to just let thing be like I probably should have… though I know in the end, it is ALWAYS in God’s hands.}



Being the social little creature I am, the girl who rarely shuts up and who mostly appreciates other’s input and helpful hints, I decided to blog… anonymously. While I desperately wanted that dialogue with others who have been there done that, I wasn’t ready for our real world, our coworkers, friends, family to know what was going on behind closed doors. I seriously doubt they ever wanted to know either!

But here we are, on a new journey, what I thought was the hard part was actually the easy part and it’s over. So is my secret and my secret blogging adventure. I will look back to it with nostalgia and probably even for reminders when we decide it’s time for kiddo #2. If any little tidbit of info on it should ever help another, it will have more than served it’s purpose for it’s short lived life on the world wide web.

Oh, what’s that?


You’ve never visited my anonymous blog? Well, ladies, here she is:

Definitely. Maybe? BABY!



Aren’t our little cartoon characters just the cutest??? Ha! If only…



And what about the “me” I’m still striving to become: the popped out belly, the longer hair – future me???





I will warn you, this anonymous blog involves a lot of over sharing. The type a lady probably shouldn’t put out there about her self.

But no one ever accused me of being a lady….


{This especially means YOU, family members! =) }



Enter at your own risk and I hope you get a kick out of it!

Signing off…




No longer,





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  1. How exciting! It almost makes me want another (ALMOST!). Enjoy this awesome, incredible time in your life. God had truly blessed you ♥

  2. Shoo girl, you didn't fool me with your look alike cartoons. Ha! Hope you are feeling okay!

  3. WHAT?!?!??!?!?! Oh girl! I am SO excited for you!!

    I had no idea it was you! I am so excited and happy for you! Congratulations!!!

  4. So funny! (And I could paint every room blue too!)

  5. Are you ending Definitely Maybe baby? Say it isn't so! -Julie in CO

  6. So crazy! I ran across that blog awhile ago...had NO CLUE it was you!!!

  7. so cute! i so wish i looked like that little cartoon lady while preggo. add some swollen-ness and stretch marks and maybe;) exciting!

  8. SO cute! I'm headed to check it out :)


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