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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

our super sweet giveaway – which will have FOUR winners(!)… and other ramblings

Did ya see my last post?

I’ll break it down for you:

I revealed my new blog design, which I did myself, for FREE.

*thrifty chic here!*

added bonus besides it not costing me a dime: it’s soooooo me. Ya know, because I designed it for me. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s random, has lots of color, and it gives my space a very whimsical, breezy vibe – which I’m diggin. Currently trying to cultivate that exact attitude in my everyday life.

{Grab my button from the sidebar and I swear we’ll be friends for life. I’ll even consider naming my first born after you.}

finished blog button

In case you felt like doing the same makeover on your own blog and are clueless where to start like I was, I left the most helpful links I used for my little experiment.


we can

Most importantly, for those with no time to click silly little links and make silly little pictures – I’m hosting a giveaway including products from LeeLou Blogs which will have FOUR lucky winners. {You gotta admit, those are pretty sweet odds there people…}

Get all of these details plus learn what you could win, how to enter and how to increase your chances of winning HERE.

Can’t wait to see what the winners will choose!! =)


 In other news today…

The hubs and I had our first ever face to face chat today… via phone.


*I get very caught up in the amazing-ness that is our current day technology. It totally blows my mind to pieces and I do not take it’s awesome-ness for granted.

Nevermind that we were both in the same house talking to each other on the phone just so we could see how the “face to face” chat thing worked. There was lots of belly laughing – this little gadget can lead to some hilarious conversations when you add video capabilities.

{We had a ball just calling the dog back and forth to see him pop up on each other’s screen. We are über dorks, I know.}

which leads me to…



When I fall into  a complete stupor at how advanced phones are today {and all other tech gadgets as well} I always think back to my very first phone. The bag phone:

bag phone


Yes, I was using this in the year 2000. If you’re not familiar with it, this phone plugs into the lighter in your car and can only be used in the car. Which satisfied my parents, because the only need I had for a cell phone {apparently} was in case of  car trouble.

Little did they know, in 10 short years, I would “need” a cell phone to be able to see my husband while in different rooms of the same house.

{Not to mention the ability to shoot HD quality video, edit it into a movie, scan documents, get directions, surf the web, take photos with a flash, check your email, play games, and the posibility to use bluetooth wireless braille for the blind. Holy smokes…

The progression of the phones I’ve owned cracks me up to no end.

Even Hendrix couldn’t resist sniffing out a little facetime.



It’s already midweek {happy humpday!} and the weekend is one my most favorite holidays =)

Hope all is well with you and yours!



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P.S. – Now that I’ve hopped on the blog button wagon, I’m adding a new tab to the top of our page to showcase all of our friends’ buttons as well. You’ll see it under “Share the LOVE”. Leave a comment if you have one you would like to be included with your link. {or if you don’t have one, win our giveaway and have LeeLou blogs make you one!}


  1. Cute new layout.

    I got the new iphone but the hubs has yet to upgrade. We will def be using the face to face feature lots when he finally gets the phone.

  2. Your blog looks great, by the way!

  3. Love your new design!! I'm getting my blog updated too. But I decided to get a professional! I'm NO where near as creative as you are! It looks great!

  4. Oh and I'm posting your button on my blog today! Happy Hump Day!

  5. I reached an all-time low last night and actually called my husband on his cell phone from upstairs (he was downstairs). In my defense, I had a catch in my back and getting in and out of bed was somewhat of a challenge. After we hung up, I kind of laughed to myself that I just did that.

  6. *snort*! What a fashion forward cell, I mean car phone you had! :) Here at our house we have non-internet phones...but we do use the webcams in dorky ways...

  7. Button posted to blog=check; laughing at your face to face chat in the same house=check; loving this blog even more=check! Have a great day!

  8. I need to learn how to ake a blog button for myself, I think I need one !! I love yours!

    Love the Iphone 4. I need to get one. I love the video chat, too cool. I remmeber the bag phone as well.. my sisters had them.

  9. Adorable! I need to figure out how to do a signature on my own blog!

  10. Girl, you are a goof! Also, how come you haven't yet shared about your recent life change you posed?

  11. I can't believe you did the makeover yourself!! I would never have been able to figure that out...ever! Looks great!

  12. love your new blog look!!!! How did you know how to do it?? I can hardly handle editing a post haha! and seriously that new i phone feature is amazing!

  13. very cute post! all 3 of you are very cute!
    thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment!

  14. oh and ps
    have I ever told you that I love, love, love that wedding photo of the 6 of you! So unusual these days to see 3 happily married couples! Not happening when my daughter marries, and that makes me sad.
    happy for you all!

  15. Stephanie... no, I had no idea your mom grew up in L'ville. I grew up in valley station and I'm 53. She doesn't look familiar so I guess she may have grown up in another part of the city.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Okay...what a small world we live in!!! My blog is somewhat ghetto compared to yours. I can count the number of followers I have on one hand (literally...even if I cut off a finger!), and I don't do these fancy shmancy give-aways. One of my favorite blogs is A Day In The Life by Colin's Mom. Her husband & mine are old friends, and I love watching their little boy (soon to be boys) grow up. Anyhoo...I'm reading her blog and I see a comment from you...and I think, "Holy crap! I know her!!!" I'm super-duper impressed with the coolness of your blog. Mine will never be as cool because (a) I'm not that creative (b) I'm not that technologically advanced and (c) again...I have no followers. But I have pictures of The Boy and you don' thbbbbbbb! When you're featured on the Today Show, however, I will smile and fondly remember our days at PMC together.

  18. Love your blog. And if I win the giveaway, that will give me the incentive to move forward on a blog.



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