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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the Big tickets

Santa has come and gone and we're still here, cleaning up the after math and enjoying the presents that he and his elves {a.k.a. our family} spent all year putting together. We've had tons of laughs with sweet family and friends, lots of food, and spoiled with yet another "greatest Christmas ever".

A review of a few of the big ticket items:

Looks like I won't be doing that B&E {breaking and entering} to get my own computer after all.

I might even get to blog more often, even when I'm traveling for work. BIG Yay, ya'll ;)

{Thank you, dearest husband.}

You may even start seeing a few video clips from up since getting this handy dandy camcorder.

{Don't worry, though. I can't stand my annoying voice on film, so I'll try to be seen and not heard if I must be in the shot.}
It's super tiny!

And who could forget Nick's new Stihl gas-powered weed eater?

I sure do hope he can look as cool as this guy while using it.

We've also got lots of fun memoribilia to finish the theater room in the basement including a large, candy-apple red popcorn machine, as well as an electrice fireplace to finally cover-up the big bare wall in the basement and add some warmth to the cooler temps while hanging out down there.

I simply can. not. wait. to get it all put together and then, of course, to show it off to my true blue bloggie friends.

Last, but certainly not least, we must remember what is sitting in the driveway, delivered one week before Christmas and making this girl just a tiny bit giddy:

It's love♥

Mine is actually a pearly white instead of the silver pictured and I MUST get around to taking some pictures of it and giving you the offical tour.

I honestly feel like I just won the superbowl.

Let's pretend I just did.

Looks just like me, right?

"Stephanie, this year, you've celebrated your one year anniversary with the man of your dreams, bought and moved into the house of your dreams, graduated pharmacy school and began the career of your dreams, now you're jetting around town in the car of your dreams... What's next?"

We're going to Disney World, babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

We fly out tomorrow to spend a few days in the magic kingdom, including, what I'm expecting to be, the best New Year's celebration I've ever been a part of!

Won't be back till 2010!

Happy New Year's ya'll!


  1. wow, you must be on top of the world. enjoy disney world! what a great place to spend new years!

  2. I'm going to Disney (Epcot specifically) too for New Year's with the boyfriend and family!! ENJOY. :)

  3. OMG Santa did not know there was a recession in your family WOW. I am really happy for you...makes me feel hopeful that we will get back on our feet after a very rough year. You deserve to be spoiled!

    I just started following your blog..come on over to mine and follow back if you would like!

  4. Love the car! And let me know how that camcorder works. We're thinking about getting one soon! Have fun at Disney. It sounds like a blast!!!

  5. May I borrow some of your family/stash??? Pretty please? Have fun on your trip!

  6. I'm SO jealous you get to spend new years in disneyworld!!! Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!!

  7. You are one lucky lady! Have fun in Disney! Happy New Year's!

  8. I'm so jealous! That's the car I want!!! :) You'll have to let us know how you like it!

  9. What a great Christmas you had...enjoy Disney, it sounds like a blast!

  10. You are a lucky gal!! That is all so exciting, I can imagine that you are thrilled!! Would love to see pics of your car, it looks fabulous!!

  11. Love the new car! You are one lucky lady! Have a great time at Magic Kingdom!

  12. Congrats on all your "winnings'! My hubby got me the same laptop- too funny!! The car hasn't come yet but a girl can dream right?!? Hope you have a wonderful time at Disney:) Tennille

  13. I know this blog sounds like you just hit the lottery.But I remember the 7 years of hard work at college(maybe 5 years, I think the first 2 years at Georgetown you partied). I also remember all the "nervous breakdowns"you had through those tough 7 years.(I also remember the debt you and I still owe) I thank God you made it through the tough times and now can enjoy the good times. Also I am glad you are doing well because the quality of my nursing home depends upon it.Have a great time at Disney. Love, Mom


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