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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas?

And today the Christmas photos and annoying narration by me continues. I don't blame you if you completely skip out on me until the 1st, because there's only more Christmas pictures to come tomorrow (Really? Yes, really.)

We only had about 500 pics (haha) from all the family/friends gatherings, so you can only imagine my dilemma in choosing which ones will make the blog, (plus the attempt at avoiding a scolding from those who "can't believe I put that picture of them on the internet!!!")

{Side note: I logged onto my Photoworks account yesterday and saw that I have 5,346 pictures on there and still need to upload all the pictures from Nick's computer to ensure safe storage in case we have a PC meltdown and lose our precious memories - and that's another thousand photos to go, at least!}

Another picture from the Roberts' Christmas eve spectacular - I thought the boys were adorable with their new special edition Ken Griffey Jr. Louisville sluggers.
(Did I get all that right? I'll never claim to be well informed in the sports department.)

Momma and Daddy Dye on Christmas morning with their present piles.

Checking out the book I made them from our family's
old scanned pictures I've been working on since October.
{I'll have to post that link soon so you can check it out as well!}

Mom's BIG SURPRISE of the day ~ a new laptop computer from Dad, when as usual, they weren't supposed to get each other anything...

{Another side note: Mom also got Dad some gifts and when she pretended to reprimanded him for getting her something, his response "But I knew you would cheat on me, woman, and you did!" Referring to her "cheating" and getting him a present but sounded different of course and was caught on video - HILARIOUS moment, especially coming from my usually quiet and timid dad.}

My cousins Sarah and Sydney at the Dye family Christmas in Pikeville.

Dad picked a cute place by the fireplace to open gifts. I personally think he looks ready to achieve his "grandpa" status... I think my sister and hubby should get to work on that.

(She would KILL me for that comment, thank goodness she never makes it around to read the blog.)

Papaw and Granny opening their gifts.

Our first Christmas as newlyweds.
Seen here at Lauren's parents house with the Santa Clause that totally spooks me.
I have my own issues with the big costumed characters that walk around theme parks as well.

Hendrix with his new little friend Jake.

Jake is 6 years old and considerably smaller than Hendrix. My little guy owns this same sweater and it would have been awesome if we had brought it ~ shoot.


Their LAST Christmas NOT married - YAY for September 5th, 2009!

I love our little family soooo much! We are disgustingly happy!

And last but not least, another family get together at my parents' house on the Saturday after Christmas.
My papaw Dye again.
I didn't really get many pictures at this get together (I was getting pretty tired of playing photographer by then.) But how could I miss out on such a great photo-op of my 9 month old cousin Austin. Adorable.

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  1. Oh I do read your blog from time to time and I should kill you for that baby comment. Better yet, I'll just with hold your auntie privileges when the time comes!!!


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